Reference Currency


Currency key used to carry out all foreign currency translations for a specific exchange rate type.


You can assign a reference currency to an exchange rate type. For every other currency, you enter the exchange rate in the reference currency. All other translations are carried out using the reference currency.

Note Note

You can only use the reference currency for exchange rate type M (average rate), and not for buying or bank selling exchange rate types.

You specify USD as the reference currency. To translate from GBP to DEM, the system uses the GBP/USD and DEM/USD exchange rate specifications.

End of the note.

You can specify several reference currencies for one exchange rate type. This may be necessary for example, to comply with legal regulations.

To specify a reference currency for an exchange rate type, proceed as follows in Customizing: Start of the navigation path General Settings Next navigation step Currencies Next navigation step Check Exchange Rate Types End of the navigation path .