Student Lifecycle Management Admissions Portal User Management


This section provides information on user management in the SAP SLCM Admissions Portal.

The SLCM Admissions Portal uses the user administration and authentication mechanisms provided by the SAP NetWeaver Gateway platform to enable your students to register themselves as users and manager their user profiles using the OData services provided by SAP Gateway.

Using this functionality students can:

  • Create a user account by registering directly on the Admissions Portal UI.

  • Manager their user profiles.

  • Reset their passwords.

SLCM User Management

SLCM User Management consists of two parts, User Request Management and User Management:

User Request Management involves requests for user creation, creation activation and password reset functions. This service takes place in the service users’ context. User Management is used to manage the users created in the system. This service is executed in the logged in users’ context

When a user tries to create a user in the SAP SLCM Admissions Portal, an activation key is generated in the SAP SLCM Admissions Portal and is sent to the end user as an email notification. The student should click on the activation URL to activate their profile. Once done, the user is created in the SAP SLCM Admissions Portal backend and replicated to SAP NetWeaver Gateway Hub system. The student also has the option to reset the password. When a student triggers the process to reset the password, an activation URL is sent to the student as an email notification. The student needs to access the activation URL to provide a new password. The password provided is then updated in the system.

Technical Background

On the Admissions Portal, the user creation process consists of two steps, user registration and user activation. In this system, known as the named user approach, users are first created in the backend system without a password, and following user activation, are then replicated to the Gateway system using RFCs.

  • User Mapping: One-to-One exists between Gateway and the Admissions Portal. The NameID maintained in the backend is directly mapped to the Gateway user name so the user names in both the Admissions Portal and Gateway must be identical.

  • Secure Storage

    During user request, the user creates a request for a new user along with a password. The password is then stored in the local ABAP store, and is only retrieved from the secure store and used for user creation when the end user activates the e-mail notification link. The same process is used for the password reset functionality. The password is stored securely until the user creation process is executed asynchronously using a RFC. The function module is executed in asynchronous mode, retrieves the password from secure storage and then calls on the BAdI to create users.


As an administrator, you must configure the SAP Admissions Portal system and the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Hub system as per the information provided in the following sections:

Configuration settings are the same as for the User Self Service, see Start of the navigation path SAPNetWeaver Next navigation step 7.4 Next navigation step SAP Gateway Foundation(SAP_GWFND) Next navigation step SAP Gateway Configuration Next navigation step SAP Gateway Foundation Developer Guide Next navigation step ODataChannel Next navigation step AdvancedFeatures Next navigation step User Self Service Next navigation step Configuration Settings for User Self Service End of the navigation path

OData Services

SAP NetWeaver Gateway provides two OData services to enable User Management:

OData Service

OData Service


This OData service is always executed in a service user context and is mainly used for creating requests like:

  • User creation

  • Password reset

  • User creation activation

Service Name: http://:/sap/opu/odata/IWBEP/USERREQUESTMANAGEMENTInformation published on non-SAP site


This OData service is always executed in the logged in users context and is used for managing the users created in the system like:

  • Viewing user account details

  • Updating user account details

  • Changing the password

  • Fetching the current user name

Service Name: http://:/sap/opu/odata/IWBEP/USERMANAGEMENTInformation published on non-SAP site

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