Recovering the repository


To recover an Information Steward repository and synchronize it with the current CMS system database:


  1. Stop your web application to prevent users from accessing the Information Steward repository during recovery.
  2. Restore your Information Steward repository to a backup that you created with your database backup utility.
  3. Make a backup of the file, which is the default configuration file for the ISRepositoryUtility command.
    • On Windows platforms, back up this file <SAP_BusinessObjects>\InformationSteward\MM\config\
    • On UNIX platforms, back up this file <SAP_BusinessObjects>/InformationSteward/MM/config/
  4. Open the file to edit it.
    1. Enter the path and file name of the recovery report file that the utility will generate for this recover operation.
      For example: reportFilePath=<SAP_BusinessObjects> /MM/log/ISRepoUtil_Recovery_report
    2. Verify that the values of the following parameters are accurate for the database you are using for your Information Steward repository.
      • repoServer
      • repoServerPort
      • repoDatabase
      • repoConnectionString
      • repoDatabaseEngine
      • racString (if your database is Oracle RAC)
      For valid values and other information about these parameters, see Repository utility parameters.
  5. On the machine where you performed the Primary installation type for Information Steward, run ISRepositoryUtility from the command line.
    1. Open a command window and change to the bin directory where the ISRepositoryUtility script is located.
      For example, on Windows platforms:

      cd C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\InformationSteward\MM\bin

    2. Enter the ISRepositoryUtility command, the recover mode, the password to connect to the CMS, the repository password, and the path of the recovery report file.
      For example:
      ISRepositoryUtility recover
       boePassword "myPass1" password	"myPass2" 
       reportFilePath "C:<SAP_BusinessObjects>\InformationSteward\MM\log\recovery_report.log"
  6. Look for the completion message in the command line or in the log <SAP_BusinessObjects>\InformationSteward\MM\log\ISRepositoryUtility_<timestamp>.log.
    When the utility completes successfully, the following message appears:
    Utility has completed successfully.
  7. Restart the web application.


After the ISRepositoryUtility utility completes, the following objects will be recovered to their status when the database backup was taken:
  • Metadata Management Integrator Sources
  • Metadata Management utility configurations (except for Purge, Calculate Scorecard, Computer Report Lineage, and Update Search Index)
  • Metadata Management Source groups
  • Data Insight profile and rule tasks
  • Data Insight Connections
  • Data Insight Projects (except for Enterprise Project)

Next Steps