Creating a new repository


To create a new SAP Information Steward repository and associate it with the current Central Management Console (CMC) system database:


  1. Create a database to use for the Information Steward repository.
    For a list of supported database types, consult the Product Availability Matrix located on the SAP Customer Portal.
  2. Stop your web application to prevent users from accessing the Information Steward repository during recovery.
  3. Make a backup of the file, which is the default configuration file for the ISRepositoryUtility command.
    • On windows platforms, back up the properties file located in <SAP_BusinessObjects>\InformationSteward\MM\config\
    • On UNIX platforms, back up the properties file located in <SAP_BusinessObjects>/InformationSteward/MM/config/
  4. Open and change the values of the connection parameters to the values of the database you created in step 1.
  5. If you want to overwrite an existing repository, change the value of the -o parameter in the file to true.
  6. On the machine where you performed the Primary installation type for Information Steward, run ISRepositoryUtility from the command line.
    1. Open a command window and change to the bin directory where Information Steward is installed.
      For example, on Windows platforms type the following:
      cd C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\InformationSteward\MM\bin
    2. Enter the ISRepositoryUtility command and specify the create mode.
      For example, type the following:
      ISRepositoryUtility create boePassword "myPass1" password "myPass2" 
  7. After you create the repository, restart the Web Application Server and CMS.