Creating a Diet Group


You can use diet groups to group your diet substances that are related in terms of content. You can assign diet substances to more than one diet group. This procedure describes how you create a diet group, that is, the specifications for the diet group.


In Customizing for Recipe Management in the IMG activity Define and Assign Values to Environment Parameters , you have specified the specification type for diet groups in the environment parameter FRML_SUBCAT_DIET_GROUP.


  1. Choose   Substance in the recipe workbench by double-clicking it.

  2. Choose with the quick info text Create .

  3. Enter the required data on the Specification Header tab page. Select the specification type for diet groups (see “Prerequisites”). This is the specification type DIET_GROUP in the standard system.

  4. Save your entries.

  5. Choose the Identifiers tab page and enter the identifiers for the diet group.

  6. Make the required entries on the other tab pages and in the property tree and save your entries.

For more information about editing specifications, see Specification Management (EHS-BD-SPE) in the Environment, Health and Safety component.