Are you new to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)? Or are you looking for a fast and easy way to find the answer to your BI or SAC questions? Then this handbook is for you.

New To SAP Analytics Cloud

What is SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) delivers all the analytics capabilities you need – business intelligence (BI), planning, and predictive analytics in a single solution. Harness the latest technologies and give everyone in your organization the ability to discover actionable insights in real time. See SAP Analytics Cloud

Where can you find user assistance for SAC

Where can you find user assistance for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to help you use, configure and operate it more effectively?
See SAP Analytics Cloud User Assistance

SAC Learning Resources

SAP Learning Rooms allow you to collaborate with peers and SAP Experts, in a community environment, to achieve common learning objectives. See SAP Analytics Cloud Learning Journey. We’ve curated the best resources to help you in Learning Section in SAP Analytics Cloud.

What is Guided Playlists

Guided Playlists are easy to use wizards to help connect to different data sources and use different features in SAP Analytics Cloud. For more information please see Guided Playlists

Where to check SAC running status

When you cannot access SAC, or you want to check the SAC running status, you could launch SAP Cloud Platform status page. More detail information, see 2757726 - Is SAC Down? Cannot access SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), can't access SAP Analytics Cloud, is SAP Analytics Cloud / SAC Unavailable?, SAP Analytics Cloud service disruption event?

What information do I need to provide when opening incidents for SAC

How can I create the perfect support incident to avoid going back and forth with SAP Product Support and add missing information? See What information do I need to provide when opening incidents

Start your free 30-day trial for SAC

Start your free 30-day trial for SAC, See Start your free 30-day trial

New To SAP Business Intelligence (BI)

What is BI

Available OnPremise or in the cloud, our Business Intelligence tools put actionable information at users’ fingertips. Use our BI tools to eliminate guesswork, monitor key metrics, and gain valuable insight into customer behavior.
See Business intelligence (BI) solutions

Official Product Tutorials - SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite

These tutorials have been developed to help you get started using Business Intelligence products. New content is added as it becomes available, so check this site for updates. See Learn BI

Where to download BI products

You can download SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform Installation, Support Packages and Patches here. Software Download Center

Where are BI-related documents

The Analytics Knowledge Center lets you search for files related to a specific product, or a specific release, or a combination of product and release. Multiple languages versions are available. Analytics Documents Center

How to get a license key for a BI product

You can request a license key or get a temporary license key here - Request a license key.
As of BI 4.2 SP02 and later, license keys from earlier versions of BI 4.x are no longer accepted. A new license key is required, as is explained in KBA 2282189 - New license keys required for SAP BI 4.2 SP02 (and later)
For problems when requesting or creating a license key, you can create an incident using component XX-SER-LIKEY-BOJ.

Where are BI product upgrade related information

The following link contains all BI Product Solution and Upgrade Related Information, including:
- The Maintenance Release Strategy for Maintenance Strategy for BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 and SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.x
- End of Life dates and the Maintenance Release Schedule
- Up-port information
SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) Upgrade


What is BI Platform Support tool

The BI Platform Support Tool is a Java-based utility used by support engineers, consultants, and BI administrators. It simplifies the process of reporting on the landscape configuration, performing root cause analysis, and delivering performance optimization and go-live services.Please always remember to provide this information to SAP Support when you create an incident.

Where to find Product Available Matrix (PAM)

From Product Availability Matrix you can find details about SAP software product versions, including availability and end of maintenance dates, upgrade paths, and technical release information (database platforms, Java platforms, operating systems, and so on. The following KBA contains links to all the PAM documents for BI Products. 1338845 - How to find Product Availability Matrix (PAM) / Supported Platforms Documentation for SAP BusinessObjects products

Where is the SAP BI Forum

The BI Forum contains useful blogs, answers to questions from other customers, and useful localized documents. When you have a question about BI products, this is a good place to start.

What is Master KBAs

Would you rather try to solve an issue on your own, rather than creating an incident? With Master KBAs, you can. This allows you to follow exactly the same steps and methodology that an SAP support engineer or developer would follow to isolate the issue. And you can check the known issues for each area as well.

What is Guided Answers

This Guided answer tree returns the TOP viewed and cited kbases in all major BI Platform Infrastructure areas and is based on Search TAGs and data collected over past 1-2 years. See
2446607 - How to find BI Platform Knowledge Base Articles (KBA's) for Installation, Deployment, Administration
How to find TOP Knowledge Base Articles (KBA's) related to BI Platform Infrastructure?
How to find the most popular BI Authentication KBA's - Knowledge Base Articles

What is SCN Wiki

By joining the SAP Community Network Wiki, you'll have access to many spaces and topics that will provide information and resources to achieve your goals and give you access to the power of true co-innovation and collaboration. See SCN Wiki Page .

How to size your system to improve performance

Sizing means determining the hardware requirements of an SAP solution, such as network bandwidth, physical memory, CPU power, and I/O capacity. SAP’s Sizing Guide provides recommendations and best practices to help with deploying and scaling the various services in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4. Also included are information and details about the sizing tests and the methodology used to create the various sizing tools and documents in support of BI 4. 1570271 - How to find Sizing information for SAP Business Objects Products

What would you do when you meet a third-party product error

Apache Tomcat, a free open-source third-party web application server, is not an SAP product. SAP recommends you contact a qualified third-party vendor or consultant for problems such as performance tuning, OutOfMemory issues, or not being able to start or stop Apache Tomcat. 2280098 - Does Apache Tomcat belongs to Product Support scope
The other third-party products used by BI are also supported in the similar way.

Where to check SAP BI Product’s Support Package and Patch schedule

You will find the information on the Maintenance Strategy and Schedule for BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 and BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.x here. While please be aware that the information contained in this schedule is subject to change. SAP BusinessObjects does not guarantee the availability of a delivery on the specified date. The delivery frequency of a product version may change during its lifecycle. 2144559 - Maintenance/Forward Fit Strategy and Schedule for BOE XI3.1 and BI4.x

How to handle the security vulnerabilities

When a third-party tool such as WebInspect or AppScan has been pointed at a deployment of an SAP Business Objects product, (XI R2, XI 3.1, BI 4.x etc) and the resulting report shows a number of security vulnerabilities (such as Cross Site Scripting), you could see the following KBA to see the responsibilities of SAP engineers and the customer.
1475602 - Support procedures for identifying and resolving security vulnerabilities in SAP Business Objects products

Where to submit a product enhancement request

To request a new feature or product enhancement, SAP has defined a new process and a new tool that is now available to customers called Customer Influence and Adopt Site. Customer Influence and Adopt Site allows customers to log Enhancement Requests themselves and work more directly with our technology and Development group. 1515837 - How To: Enhancement Request Process using the Customer Influence and Adopt site

Do you know what the Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) is

SAP Cloud Appliance Library is an on-demand solution that allows you to quickly deploy pre-configured SAP System libraries to your cloud account of the supported cloud providers. It supports use cases for business validation, test & demo, trial, development, proof of concept, training and evaluation as well as production deployment. At present, our BI libraries are trial version and they can be deployed to AWS in SAP CAL. Since the end of 2015, we have released a 30-day free trial library of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence(BI) Platform 4.1 SP6 and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 SP2 in SAP Cloud Appliance Library. The following introduction of CAL provides more details. SAP BI Free Trial Library is available in SAP Cloud Appliance Library

What is the Analytics Solutions Value Map

The Analytics Solutions Value Map is the new collaboration platform aimed at helping you to quickly identify the relevant SAP Enterprise Support services, tools, and expertise for your objective.
Whether you are interested in discovering SAP Best Practices for BI Platform, setting up a monitoring solution or upgrading an Analytics product, we can help you to build a road-map to support your whole project.
We support a wide range of SAP Analytics products such as SAP Business Objects BI Platform, SAP Data Services, Business Objects Cloud, SAP Lumira, SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidations and many more. For full details/Value Map registration, see SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps landing page Value Maps are accessible to Enterprise Support and PSLE customers. Check out our program entitlement and KBA 2150427 - SAP Enterprise Support Value Map for Analytics Jam Still have questions? Please contact:

A Deeper Look Into SAP’s BI and Analytics Strategy

A key benefit of digital projects for most companies is the ability to do things more quickly. At SAP, we continue to simplify our analytics portfolio, making it easier to choose the right tool for the task, and use our platforms to make decisions quickly. With the increased investments our customers are making in cloud, it should come as no surprise that SAP increasing investment in our cloud offering. More detail information, see A Deeper Look Into SAP’s BI and Analytics Strategy

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius) roadmap

Dashboards is built on top of Adobe Flash Player, which will be sunset by Adobe no later than end of 2020.
SAP will stop supporting SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards when Adobe stops supporting the Adobe Flash Player.
More detail information, see SAP Note 2579982 - SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (Xcelsius) roadmap

SAP Official position regarding SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Java Applet viewer

The aim of this information is to inform customers using the SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Java Viewer (i.e. Java Applet) on the consequences of using it with the JRE 8 and JRE 9 from ORACLE. More detail information, see 2656446 - SAP Official position regarding SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Java Applet viewer

SAP BusinessObjects BI Measurement (License Measurement tool)

SAP offers a License Measurement tool for SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform (LMBI). To run LMBI, a file with customer specific contact data is required to calculate the resulting licenses. LMBI and the required contract file are provided in license audit requests. More detail information, see SAP BusinessObjects BI Measurement

Contact SAP Support

What is One Support Launchpad

Here you can
· Search for SAP Notes, Knowledge Base Articles;
· Request a license key;
· Create incidents to SAP Support and check your inbox;
· Read SAP Spotlight News, etc.
More detail information, see One Support Launchpad & One Support Launchpad Videos

Which channel should be used for technical/functional issues with an SAP product

If your issue is specific to the standard functionality of your SAP solution, there are three channels contact SAP Product Support:Schedule an Expert,Expert Chat,Traditional Incident.
Schedule an Expert is best used for Low or Medium priority issues. Expert Chat support channel is best suited for new Medium or High priority issues. Create traditional Incident when facing a High or Very High priority issue. For more Information See Product Support Channels

What is the SAP Customer Interaction Center’s hotline number

This note includes a list of telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for Global Customer Interaction Centers (OnPremise Customers). 560499 - Customer Interaction Center: Hotline Numbers & E-mail Addresses

What’s the difference between Support and Consulting

When you have a consulting request, you can use SAP Community Questions & Answers,participate in our Ask an Expert Peer trial, or access other resources at SAP. Difference between Support and Consulting, please see 83020 - What is consulting - What is support?

What is Schedule an Expert (SaE)

A real-time support offering that will enable customers to directly schedule 30 minute blocks of time to meet with a Support Engineer and discuss a topic which you would normally log an incident or an Expert Chat for. For more Information See Schedule an Expert & FAQ

How to use Expert Chat

SAP now offers technical support via Expert Chat. Expert Chat support channel is best suited for new Medium or High priority issues. You can always use chat to contact SAP Support in real time. 2213344 - How to start a chat with SAP Support [video]

How to Reporting an Incident

When facing a High or Very High priority issue, use the SAP ONE Support Launchpad to create an incident with SAP Support. For more Information See How to create a support incident (contact SAP Product Support) - SAP ONE Support Launchpad

Support Components and Responsibilities for BI Platform

It is required to open an incident with SAP Support regarding a problem SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform in the SAP Support Launchpad, but it is not known in which component the incident should be opened in, See 2554287 - Support Components and Responsibilities for BI Platform [Which component to raise an incident in]

What information is required when creating a support incident for BI?

In order to solve the problem, the SAP BusinessObjects Support Organization requires more information.How can I create the perfect support incident to avoid going back and forth with SAP Product Support and add missing information? See What information do I need to provide when I create a support incident?

How to collect the BI Server Operation System information?

SAP Support has requested that you provide the BI server operation system information to aid in diagnosing a problem you are facing. See Using the Windows environment survey script to assist support or Using the UNIX / Liniux environment survey script to assist support

How to troubleshoot an error when refreshing a Web Intelligence document?

You receive an error when refreshing a Web Intelligence (Webi) document in BI Launchpad that is based off a UNV and a relational database, how to troubleshoot it before creating an incident. See 2099199 - How to troubleshoot an error when refreshing a Web Intelligence document

How to determine the priority of an incident? What are the criteria for a Very High priority incident

The priorities for incidents are either Very High, High, Medium, or Low. Note 67739 will help you determine which is the right priority for your incident. 67739 - Priority of problem incidents An incident can categorized with the priority "very high" if the problem has very serious consequences for normal business processes or IT processes related to core business processes. Urgent work cannot be performed. This is generally caused by the following circumstances.
- A productive system is completely down.
- The imminent system go-live or upgrade of a production system can't be completed.
- The customer's core business processes are seriously affected.
- And for each circumstance a workaround is not available.

How many questions can I ask in one incident

There should only be one question per incident. This ensures that you get speedy assistance for each problem you may be having. Different questions can be addressed separately by different engineers specialized in different areas. 50048 - Several queries in an incident

Why do SAP Support engineers ask how to reproduce an issue

SAP Support engineers need to reproduce the errors in order to be able to find a solution. This is the only way to find out what is happening in the code. 9 - Error cannot be reproduced: No solution If the issue cannot be reproduced, you may find out some information on the SAP SCN Forum.

How to do a remote screen-share session with SAP Support

SAP BI Support uses Citrix GoToAssist to perform a remote session with customers. 2026090 - How to install and configure Citrix GoToAssist from the SAP Service Marketplace [video]

How to perform a remote support

There are many remote support types according to different situation, such as HTTP connection, WTS connection, BW specific connection. Your system needs to be configured according to the notes below to benefit from remote support. Find enclosed a list of the most important service connection types Available Connection Types. In the event of a problem, you can create an incident using component XX-SER-NET. Our engineers from the Network team will help you.

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