Class: Transaction

.xsds. Transaction

new Transaction()


<static> $commit()

Explicitly commits current transaction. Note that committing affects persisted entities only; any instances modified in memory only will not be persisted by committing.

<static> $getConnection()

Returns the connection object used in all XS DS operations
the connection object used in all XS DS operations

<static> $rollback()

Explicitly rolls back current transaction. Resets entity cache to reflect rollback. Note that JavaScript variables may still hold references to now obsolete entity instances.

<static> $setAutoCommit(true)

Enables or disables auto commit for database operations. Note that if auto commit is enabled, commits are per $save() call, not per database query. Thus, if a $save operation involves multiple updates to the database due to associations, all updates remain within the same transaction.
Name Type Description
true iff auto commit should be enabled

<static> $setConnection(conn)

Use already existing database connection for all interactions with HANA. Closes the currently used connection, if any.
Name Type Description
conn object the connection object to be used for XS DS

<static> $setConnectionConfig(config)

Set connection configuration for database connection
Name Type Description
config object the database configuration object passed to the getConnection function in the database API

<static> $setIsolationLevel(the)

Sets the isolation level of the database connection. Defaults to the default isolation level for database connections
Name Type Description
the number isolation level to be used