Downloading and Setting Up the Mobile App

Learn how to get and set up the SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app.

Device Requirements

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad only.

Requires an iOS mobile device with 2 GB of RAM or more (iPhone 6s or later, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad Pro). For the best experience, use an iPad Pro or a mobile device with a fast processor and a good data or WiFi connection.

Download and Install the App
  1. Download and install the mobile app from the App store hereInformation published on non-SAP site.

  2. Tap Analytics to launch the app.

  3. The first time you sign in, set an application password in the Set App Password screen to protect your data.

    To reset a forgotten application password, on the welcome screen tap Forgot Password. To change your application password, tap (Settings) to go to your user profile and tap Change Application Password.

    As an administrator, you can disable the application password prompt for all users. From the () Main Menu, select Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step  AdministrationEnd of the navigation path and select the System Configuration tab. Toggle Disable mobile app password to ON. Once a user sets up the mobile app on their device (application password required for first-time setup), they will no longer be prompted to re-enter their application password each time the app is changed to the foreground and made active.
  4. Enter the server URL on the Enter Server URL screen and tap Connect.

    Use the base URL from the browser of your SAP Analytics Cloud web application:


    In the example above, enter as the server URL in the mobile app.
  5. On the next screen, enter your username and password and tap Log On. This is the same username and password you use to log in to the SAP Analytics Cloud web application.

  6. On the Authorize Client screen, tap Authorize to allow the app to access your SAP Analytics Cloud data.


    If you receive the error: Logon failed: Cannot connect to SAP Analytics Cloud. Error code: 500, check with your administrator to see if your user account is associated with more than one tenant. If so, specify the tenant name in the server URL with /tenants/<tenantname>/ as follows:


    To find your tenant name, log on to SAP Analytics Cloud from a web browser and note the name in the top menu bar:


You can use Touch ID or Face ID on your iOS device to log on to the SAP Analytics Cloud app. Let's enable Touch ID as an example.

Once you have set up Touch ID for your device, here's how to enable it with the SAP Analytics Cloud app:
  1. Tap (Settings) to go to your user profile and tap the Enable Touch ID slider. Tap OK to accept.

  2. Relaunch the app and enter your application password one more time.
  3. When prompted if you would like to use Touch ID to unlock, tap YES.
  4. The next time you need to unlock the app, use Touch ID by touching your iOS device's Home button.

Secure Connection Requirements
The mobile iOS app can only connect to URLs that are trusted connections. This includes both intermediary URLs used to log on to the SAP Analytics Clouds system, or live data source connections consumed by stories viewed in the app. For example, if you are using a reverse proxy server to relay requests from the mobile app to SAP Analytics Cloud, and the connection does not satisfy certain requirements, errors may be displayed to the user. To secure your connections:

To test your secure connection, you may want to use a public SSL testing service, for example: Check the handshake simulation results for Apple ATS.