Connecting to an R Environment

Configure a connection between SAP Analytics Cloud and an R environment.


Before connecting SAP Analytics Cloud, the R environment needs to be installed and configured, and the following information must be available:


Use the steps below set up a connection to your externally hosted R environment. If the R server connection is not configured, you can still run scripts on an R server runtime environment provided by SAP, which is available to tenants operating through the following data centers AP1,BR10, EU1, EU10, JP10, US3, and US10.Your SAP Analytics Cloud URL indicates which data center you are connected to.


  1. Go to Start of the navigation path (Main Menu) Next navigation step  System Next navigation step Administration Next navigation step Rserve ConfigurationEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Set R on Live Data Models if you want users to create R-visualizations based on data from live HANA, BW, S/4HANA, and Universe models.
  3. To connect to an external R environment:
    1. Select the (Edit) icon.
    2. Set Remote R connection to on.
      Use this option to disconnect your system from the R server runtime environment deployed by SAP Analytics Cloud if it is available in your region. All configuration from this point on will impact all your users.
    3. Under Connection Details, provide the following information:
      1. Host: host computer on which your R environment is running.
      2. Port: port used to connect to the R environment.
    4. A certificate is required to connect your R environment. Under Certificate, you have the following options:
      • Upload File: select this option to upload the source file containing the certificate.

      • Paste Certificate: select this option if the certificate is copied to your (operating system) clipboard.

    5. Under Credentials, provide the User Name and Password required to connect to your R environment.

      You should select Check Configuration to ensure that your connection has been successful.