Using Thresholds in Charts

Add thresholds to stories or individual measures in a chart.


Create a threshold value. For more information, see Creating Story-Defined Thresholds.


Thresholds can be applied to stories or individual measures in a chart.


  1. Select a chart.
  2. Add a threshold in one of the following ways:
    Option Description
    To individual measures
    1. In the Builder panel, select a measure.
    2. Select Start of the navigation path (Threshold Options) Next navigation step Show Threshold Next navigation step Story DefinedEnd of the navigation path.
    To the Color section
    1. In the Builder panel, under Color, select Add Dimension / Threshold.
    2. In the Thresholds section, select the desired threshold.
    Thresholds added to Color override thresholds set on individual measures.


The threshold will be applied to the chart. When you move the cursor over a value, the tooltip will display the range and threshold name.