Rebuilding a Model

You can use the Rebuild Model feature to modify models created from acquired data.


After a model is created from acquired data, you can rebuild the model if you need to fix issues such as missing dimensions or measures. This option lets you revert the model to the state based on the first set of acquired data.

When you rebuild a model, any data updates that happened after the model was created will be removed.

You can't rebuild a model if:

  • Currency conversion is enabled in the model.
  • The model contains any global dimensions.
  • The model contains private data versions.
If the Rebuild Model icon isn't available in the menu bar, the model cannot be rebuilt.


  1. Select Start of the navigation path (Main Menu) Next navigation step  Browse Next navigation step  FilesEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Open the model you want to rebuild.
  3. Select the Rebuild Model icon from the menu bar.
    The system checks if there are any dependencies in stories or data sources on the model you want to rebuild. Any findings are summarized in the displayed warning dialog. Make a note of all the listed dependencies.
  4. Check the I understand that the above dependencies will be impacted if I rebuild this model. box and select OK to continue.
    The data integration view is displayed.
  5. Modify the model as required.
  6. Select Rebuild Model in the Details panel.
    A confirmation message is displayed. Select Rebuild to rebuild your model.
    Once you select Rebuild, the process will start and all the dependencies may be impacted.

Next Steps

You should check that all the stories associated with the original model work as expected.