Supported Features and Known Limitations to SAP BW Live Data Connections

The following product limitations apply when you create a live data connection to an SAP Business Warehouse (BW) system.


For more information on supported SAP BW modeled queries, see SAP Analytics Cloud Support Matrix for Live Connectivity to SAP NetWeaver BW.

Tables and Charts
  • Top N filtering is not supported on hierarchies for charts and tables. Top N filtering is supported on flat dimensions.
  • When a Top N filter is applied, changing the direction of a sort is not supported.
  • The filter dialog does not support dimension members that contain exclamation marks in the description.
  • Dimension linking by description is not recommended (use default or ID instead).
  • Waterfall charts are not supported.
  • Time series charts are not supported.
  • Variance charts are not supported.
  • Blending is not supported.
  • Geo features are not supported.
  • Chart, table, and filter widgets do not support sorting based on the Time data type.
  • Filtering with two or more dimensions, resulting in a complex filter, is currently disabled.
  • Linked Analysis with two or more dimensions is currently disabled.
  • When using dynamic filters, variables may accept a single value, multiple single values, or ranges. However, range or variable values set with mixed operators are currently not supported. In this case, the dynamic filter is not displayed.
Data View (Explorer)
  • Search on dimension values is not supported.
  • Exclude filters are not supported on a hierarchy.
  • Dimension sorting on a hierarchy is not supported.
  • Queries with BW structures defined are not supported.
Calculation Editor
  • Aggregations are not supported.
  • Difference From calculations are not supported.
The following limitations apply to only SAP BW 7.4:
  • When creating Calculated Measures, the IF conditional function is not supported.
  • Data entry is not supported.
  • Disaggregation is not supported.
  • Allocate value functions (Spreading, Distribution, and Assignment of values) are not supported.
  • Allocations are not supported.
  • Data actions (including advanced formulas) are not supported.
  • Value driver tree is not supported.
  • Creation and management of private versions & data publishing are not supported.
Predictive Features
  • Smart Insights are not supported.
  • Smart Discovery is not supported.
  • Search to Insight is not supported.