Spreading, Distributing, and Assigning Values

Spreading, distribution, and assign operations are ways of allocating values in a table to one or more target cells. These features can help you quickly book new values and adjust existing values in a table.

In spreading operations, the value of a source cell is spread across leaf members that aggregate up to the source cell.

Distribution changes values within a hierarchy by distributing amounts from a source member to one or more of its siblings.

Using the assign feature, you can add to or overwrite values of target cells without specifying a source cell. You choose the amount to assign.

These operations are available when the following conditions are met:
  • The table is based on a planning-enabled model.

  • For spreading and distribution, the source cell is not calculated by a formula.

  • A valid target dimension must be added to the table. Account and version cannot be used as target dimensions. The Cross Calculations dimension can be used as a target only when assigning values to restricted measures.

  • For a model that uses currency conversion, source currency values do not support spreading, distributing, or assigning values.