Setting Data Access Permissions on Dimensions

You can restrict access to the output data by setting read and write permissions for individual members. You can activate this security feature for any dimension in the model from the dimension Preferences.


You can enable data access restrictions by selecting the Enable Data Access Control check box in the Dimension Preferences dialog. Once this has been activated, two additional columns (Read and Write) are added to the grid of the dimension so that individual settings can be applied to each row. For the Version dimension, a Delete column is added as well as Read and Write columns to control which users can delete each public version.

You can select one or more users (or simply all users) who will have access to the data.


  1. Select the dimension that you want to modify and choose Start of the navigation path (Options) Next navigation step Dimension PreferencesEnd of the navigation path on the toolbar.
  2. Select the Enable Data Access Control check box and choose OK.
    This adds two additional columns to the dimension grid.
  3. You can now use the two new columns Read and Write to control access to all rows of the grid by selecting one or more users in either or both of the columns.

    Each user who is granted Write access for a member automatically receives permission to read the data as well. Likewise, a user who receives the Delete permission for a member of the Version dimension also receives Read and Write permissions for it.

    To see a summary of all data access settings for all dimensions in the model, select Start of the navigation path Next navigation step Data AccessEnd of the navigation path. Note that the displayed list is read-only; the data access setting can be changed only in the Dimension Preferences dialog.