Planning Models and Analytics Models

SAP Analytics Cloud offers fully featured planning models or simpler, more flexible analytics models. Additionally, you can create models from HANA views.

The available model types support different sets of features:

  • Planning-type model: to support and streamline the planning process, planning models are prepared with many off-the-shelf features to give you a quick start in the planning process.

    Planning models are preconfigured with:

    • Categories for budgets, plans, and forecasts.
    • Default time periods that you can quickly adjust to suit your data.
    • Auditing features for traceability.
    • Security features that make it possible for you to restrict access to specific values in data grids to named individuals.

    When working with a planning model in a story, users with planning privileges can create their own versions of model data, as well as writing data to the model by typing new values, copying and pasting data, and using allocations features.

  • Analytics-type model: unlike the planning model, analytics models are not preconfigured with categories (for budget and forecast data), and although a Date dimension is available, it is not required, and you can remove it from the model during the design stage.
  • A subtype of an analytics model is an analytics model based on a HANA view: a simple model with a single Account dimension but with access to other dimensions from HANA. Security is inherited from HANA but can be managed further in SAP Analytics Cloud. For more information, see Models Based on Live Data Connection HANA Views.

The model type is determined by switching the Planning Capabilities setting on or off.