Using R with SAP Analytics Cloud

You can use SAP Analytics Cloud to create and edit visualizations based on R scripts.

R is an integrated suite of software that includes packages for advanced visualizations and statistics to perform the following tasks:
  • Insert R visualizations into your stories.
  • Interact with your visualizations, using controls such as filters.
  • Edit your R scripts and preview visualizations.
  • Share stories containing R visualizations with other users. With the R visualization capability, users are able to perform statistical and analytical analyses and create charts reflecting these analyses. These visualizations remain interactive and consider the row-level security of users.
    To use R capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud, your system must be configured to connect to an R runtime environment. For more information on connecting to an external R environment, see Connecting to an R Environment. You can also run scripts on an R server runtime environment provided by SAP, which is available to tenants operating through the following data centers AP1,BR10, EU1, EU10, JP10, US3, and US10. For a list of packages, see
    Your SAP Analytics Cloud URL indicates which data center you are connected to.
The following resources are provided to help users:
  • The requisite code snippet for listing all the available packages installed on your R system.
  • Sample R scripts for visual statistical analysis.
  • A dashboard containing an R script editor, a snapshot of the environment after the R script is run, a console containing the output of the executed script, and a preview screen for the visualization.