Importing SAP Fieldglass data into a New or Existing Model

To import data from SAP Fieldglass to a new or existing model, you import a report and specify how the incoming data should be mapped to model dimensions.


  1. Select the appropriate option:
    • If you're creating a new model:
      1. Select Start of the navigation path (Main Menu) Next navigation step  Create Next navigation step  ModelEnd of the navigation path.
      2. Select Start of the navigation pathGet data from a datasource Next navigation step SAP FieldglassEnd of the navigation path.

    • If you're importing into an existing model:
      1. Select Start of the navigation path (Main Menu) Next navigation step  Browse Next navigation step  FilesEnd of the navigation path.
      2. Open the model you want to update.
      3. Switch to the Data Management screen.

      4. Select Start of the navigation path Next navigation step DatasourceEnd of the navigation path.
      5. Select SAP Fieldglass.
  2. Select your connection or select Create New Connection to create a new connection.
    For more information, see Import Data Connection to SAP Fieldglass.
  3. Copy a query from an existing model (which you can edit before saving), or create a new query.
    1. If you're using an existing query, select it from the list, and then select OK.
    2. If you're creating a new query, enter a name for your query, select a report, and then select Next.

      In the list of reports, you can search by report ID or report description. When hovering over a report, the tooltip shows the report ID.

      For more information about reports in Fieldglass sign into SAP Fieldglass, click on the Help icon in the upper-right of your screen, and then select "Online Help". Within the "Create Report" section you can find instructions on how to fill in the required fields when creating a new Report. The section "View Predefined Reports/Graphs" provides more information about the set of most commonly used Reports/Graphs provided by Fieldglass.

    The data appears in the data integration view, where you can complete the mapping of your new data to the model's dimensions.

Next Steps

After the initial import of raw data, continue with the data preparation task before completing your model: Preparing Data.