Creating a Model from Salesforce Data

To create a model from Salesforce data, you specify the source data and how incoming data should be mapped to model dimensions.


If you try to refresh the model data and the refresh token is expired, you can manually update the connection with the new connection credentials for the data refresh to work again.


  1. From the () Main Menu, select Start of the navigation path Create Next navigation step  ModelEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Select Start of the navigation pathGet data from a datasource Next navigation step SalesforceEnd of the navigation path.
    From the acquire data panel, select the filter icon to narrow down the number of datasources in the list. You can filter by datasource type or by category.
  3. Type a name for your model.
  4. Select your Salesforce connection or select Create New Connection to create a new connection.
    For more information, see Import Data Connection to Salesforce.
  5. In the Select Data area, select User Predefined Model or Define Query.
    • User Predefined Model: A predefined selection of queries that are useful to most Salesforce users.
    • Define Query: Select a number of OData entities that are linked by ID, and select specific properties from them. Select Set to proceed.
  6. Select a Source.
    This is the list of user reports on (SFDC).
  7. Define the Metadata Mapping.
    This shows how each dimension is mapped. Once you select a source in the previous step, the metadata mapping is automatically defined. However, if you prefer to use dimension names different from the ones used in the SFDC report, you can edit the predefined names.
  8. Select Import.
  9. Save your model.