Changing the Hierarchy Level in a Time Series Chart

You can change the hierarchy level in a Time Series chart to see the data aggregation at different granularity settings.


In your story, you can change the hierarchy level of a Time Series chart to show Year, Quarter, Month, and so on. When you change from a more granular to a less granular interval such as from Month to Quarter, the new view displays an aggregated value for the interval.


  1. In your story, select your Time Series chart.
  2. In the Chart Details area, select (Hierarchy) and select a different level of granularity.
  3. If the level of granularity that you want is not available, in the Builder, find the date dimension and then select Start of the navigation path Next navigation step Filter by RangeEnd of the navigation path.
    1. In the Set Date Range for Time dialog, select Hierarchy and choose your new option.
    2. (Optional) Change the Granularity and range values.
    3. When you have finished making changes, select OK.


The chart is updated with the new level of granularity.