Creating Linked Dimensions

You can create links between dimensions in multiple models.


If you are using live data models for blending, additional prerequisites and setup may be required. For more information, see Blending Data.


You can use linked dimensions to create blended charts or tables that display data from multiple models.

Linked dimensions also let you create filters that simultaneously update all charts that include linked data. Filters on linked dimensions can be used at the story, page, and linked analysis level.

  • The attributes of a dimension must match the attributes of the dimension it is linked to:

    • Description to Description
    • ID to ID
    • ID and Description to ID and Description

    If the attributes don't match, when a filter is created information may not be returned.

  • Chart filters don't affect linked dimensions, because they're applied to a single chart.
  • Some dimension links may not apply filters to all charts. This happens when filters applied to one model can't be translated to meaningful filters on a second model.
  • For BW remote models, consider that the Description might be language-dependent.
  • Sorting doesn't work with linked dimensions.
The Show Totals feature is not supported with linked dimensions.


  1. Open the Link Dimensions dialog. There are two ways to access the dialog:
    • Select (Link Dimensions) from the menu bar.
      All linked dimensions used in the story will be listed. To create a new link select Start a new model link.
      1. Select a chart or table.
      2. In the Builder tab, in the Data Source area, select Add Linked Models and then select Create Model Link.
    The Link Dimensions dialog appears.
  2. Select a model from the list of models included in your story, or in the drop-list select Add Model to search through the models you have access to.

    To change how the dimensions are displayed in the Select a model area, select Start of the navigation path Next navigation step Data SamplesEnd of the navigation path and then select an attribute:

    • Description
    • ID
    • ID and Description
  3. Choose one or more dimensions.
    When you hover over a dimension, you can preview the dimension values.
  4. Choose a second model and select one or more dimensions.
    The attribute of a dimension must match the attribute of the dimension it is linked to. If it doesn't match, when a filter is created information may not be returned.
  5. (Optional) In the Matched Dimensions area, select Link Attribute and choose whether to link on ID or Description.
    By default, the Description attribute is used to match members between the linked dimensions. However, for non-hierarchical dimensions it is possible to change the attribute that is used for linking.
  6. Select Set.
  7. Review the links and if necessary, edit them or select Add Model Link to add more links.
  8. When finished, select Done.


Linked dimensions appear in the dialog.