About Importing a File to a New Story

You can import data from an external file, such as an Excel spreadsheet or comma-separated-values file, into a new story.

When you create a new story by importing data from a file, the import process analyzes the source data and creates an initial data view with proposed dimensions. You then refine the proposal by specifying dimension types and fixing any data-quality problems.

The workflow to create a new story from a file is:

  1. Import a source file.
  2. In the initial data view, choose dimension types for the dimensions.
  3. Optional: specify attributes for the dimensions.
  4. If necessary, cleanse your data and fix any data quality problems.
  5. Save the story.
Source Data

Data files can be in your local file system or in your network. The source data can be an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx format only) or a delimited text file (.csv or .txt). If you import data from Microsoft Excel, and if the data is saved in separate sheets in the Excel workbook, either you can choose which sheet to import (if from a local file system) or the first sheet is automatically imported (from a network file).

In addition to the main dimensions, the source data can also include attributes for dimensions; for example, descriptions or hierarchy information.

Models in Stories

When you import a data file into a new story, a “private” or “embedded” model is created in the background, containing your data and dimension information.

For more information, see Models in Stories.

For more information about preparing data, see Preparing Data.