Exporting a Story as a PDF

You can export a story as a PDF file.


  1. With a story open, select Start of the navigation path Next navigation step ExportEnd of the navigation path from the toolbar.
  2. In the dialog, choose PDF from the File Type list.
  3. Choose which pages you'd like to export. You can export all, or a range of pages.
  4. (Optional) Select Enable export in the background if you want to continue working while the file is being processed and saved. You may experience a slower response time until the export is complete.
  5. (Optional) Select Insert Appendix to include an appendix containing the story's filter settings and variables set for the story.
  6. (Optional) If you've applied scaling to any charts, you can select Apply Scaled Measures Across All Included Pages to scale the charts across pages.
    When charts are scaled per page, the chart density is automatically determined using all charts from the same page only. When charts are scaled across pages, the chart density is determined by all charts that are being exported.
  7. Select Export to create and download the PDF to your computer.


  • The sizes of the pages in the PDF file are determined by the visible content on the story pages in the application. If you want to print the PDF file to paper, you may need to use scaling options in your PDF viewing software.
  • The PDF file shows exactly what appears on your story pages at the moment when you export them. Therefore, if any charts in your story are scrollable, only the visible parts of those charts are included in the PDF file.

Video: Save stories as PDFs