Downloading and Deleting Data Changes

To reduce the size of the Data Changes log, you can first download part or all of the data change log for a model as CSV files, and then delete those log entries from the system.


You must have Read and Delete permissions on the Data Change Log for the appropriate model.


  1. Select Start of the navigation path Next navigation step Security Next navigation step Data ChangesEnd of the navigation path.
  2. From the Select Model list, choose a model.
  3. Select (Download options).
  4. In the Download Data Changes dialog, type a file name for the download in the Name field.
  5. Select a Starting Date and an End Date and select Download.

    The rows within the dates that you specified are downloaded as CSV files with up to 75 000 rows each.

  6. To delete data change data for the model, select the (Delete options) icon.
  7. In the Delete Data Changes dialog, select a Time period.
  8. If you choose Specific range, set a Starting Date and an End Date.

    It is recommended to delete the same range that you downloaded.

  9. Select Delete.

    Any data change rows for the model in the specified time period are deleted from the system.