System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites

SAP Analytics Cloud is a fully web-based offering. You will need an Internet connection and a system that meets certain requirements.

Client Software Requirements
Client Software Version Additional Information
Desktop browser

Google Chrome, latest version (see Additional Information)

Google releases continuous updates to their Chrome browser. We make every effort to fully test and support the latest versions as they are released. However, if defects are introduced with OEM-specific browser software, we cannot guarantee fixes in all cases. If you have a question about a specific version (for example whether a specific version is supported), please log a support case.

For additional system requirements, see your web browser documentation.

Internet Explorer 11

Support for viewing stories, events, files, and for collaborating with other users.

Microsoft Edge, latest version (see Additional Information)

Support for collaborating with other users, and for viewing stories, events, files and boardroom agendas.

Microsoft releases continuous updates to their Edge browser. We make every effort to fully test and support the latest versions as they are released.

Operating system

Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10

Apple Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or higher

SAP Analytics Cloud is not dependent on any specific operating system. All capabilities are accessible through a web browser.

For additional system requirements, see your operating system documentation.

Additional software Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 or higher  

Client Configuration Requirements
Client Configuration Setting Additional Information
Network bandwidth Minimum 500-800 kbit/s per user In general, SAP Analytics Cloud requires no more bandwidth than is required to browse the internet. All application modules are designed for speed and responsiveness with minimal use of large graphic files.
Screen resolution XGA 1024x768 (high color) or higher

Widescreen: 1366x766 or higher

Minimum recommended browser cache size 250 MB

SAP Analytics Cloud is a Web 2.0 application. We recommend allowing browser caching because the application uses it heavily for static content such as image files. If you clear your cache, the browser will not perform as well until the deleted files are downloaded again to the browser and cached for use next time.

To set browser cache size, see your browser documentation.

HTTP 1.1 Enable  
JavaScript Enable  
Cookies Enable web browser session cookies (non-persistent) for authentication purposes  
Pop-up windows Allow pop-up windows from SAP Analytics Cloud domains  
Power Option Recommendation High Performance mode for improved JavaScript performance For Microsoft based Operating Systems

Supported Languages

Client Browser

What's Supported

Menus, buttons, messages, and other elements of the user interface.

Chinese (Simplified) (zhCN), Chinese (Traditional) (zhTW), English (EN), French (FR), German (DE), Hungarian (HU), Italian (IT), Japanese (JA), Korean (KO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (ptBR), Russian (RU), Spanish (ES)

Mobile Requirements


What's Supported


Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad only.

Requires an iOS mobile device with 2 GB of RAM or more (iPhone 6s or later, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad Pro). For the best experience, use an iPad Pro or a mobile device with a fast processor and a good data or WiFi connection. For details on feature compatibility, see Mobile Feature Compatibility.

The iPhone SE is not currently supported.

URL Connections

The mobile iOS app can only connect to URLs that are trusted connections. This includes both intermediary URLs used to log on to the SAP Analytics Cloud system, or live data source connections consumed by stories viewed in the app.

For details, see Secure Connection Requirements in Downloading and Setting Up the Mobile App.

Data Connectivity – Import

Data Acquisition Maximums:

  • Columns: 100
  • Rows: 800,000 (when importing from CSV and XLSX files, there is a limit on file size, but not on the number of rows)
  • Dimension members:
    • Planning models: 1,000,000
    • Analytic models: if there are more than 1,000,000 unique members, the dimension will be made read-only
  • Dimension members with geo enrichment: 200,000
  • Dimension members with parent/child hierarchy: 150,000 (for other kinds of attributes, the 1,000,000 limit applies)

What's Supported


Scheduled Refresh

SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

For more information, see SAP Analytics Cloud Support Matrix for Importing Data from SAP NetWeaver BW.

  • 7.3x or higher release is required
  • SAP BW/4HANA SP4 or higher



On-Premise Edition

Cloud Edition:
  • 1805 or later


SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Universe (UNX)

4.1 SP5 or higher SP

4.2 SP4 or higher SP


SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

6.0 EHP 07 SPS 04


Only connectivity to classic SAP InfoSet queries or SAP Queries is supported.


SAP SuccessFactors

Transaction data

Consult the SuccessFactors product page for requirements.


SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics

Analytical data

Consult the Workforce Analytics product page for requirements.


SAP ByDesign

Supported via ByDesign OData API


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Supported via OData connection


SAP Concur

One entity supported


Microsoft Excel (XLSX only)

Maximum file size: 100 MB. No limit on number of rows.

2007 or higher


Comma-separated values files (CSV)

Maximum file size: 1 GB. No limit on number of rows.

Unicode File format


Google Drive, Google Sheet



Google BigQuery



JDBC + Freehand SQL
Only database authentication is supported. Third-party authentication methods cannot be used with this connection type, for example, SSO/SSL etc.

Supported JDBC databases:

  • IBM PureData (Netezza) Service 7
  • IBM Db2 9.7 or later
  • IBM Db2 10.5.7 or later
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • MySQL 5
  • Oracle 11
  • Progress OpenEdge 11



OData version 2.0 compatible sources



Report Data


SAP Business Planning and Consolidation – Microsoft Platform


10.0 SP12 or higher SP

10.1 SP2 or higher SP


SAP Business Planning and Consolidation – NetWeaver


10.0 SP12 or higher SP

10.1 SP2 or higher SP (standard model only)


SAP Business Planning and Consolidation – BW/4HANA


11.0 SP01 or higher SP (standard model only)



Salesforce reports


Data Connectivity – Live

What's Supported


Connection Type


  • Minimum SAP HANA 1.0 SPS12 with SAP HANA Info Access Service (InA), version 4.10.0 is required. Higher versions are supported.
  • Minimum SAP HANA 2.0 SP01 is required. Higher versions are supported. In addition, the SAP HANA EPMMDS plugin must be installed on your SAP HANA 2.0 system. Refer to SAP Note 2456225 and SAP Note 2444261 for additional setup information.

    For data blending, higher revisions are required for your SAP HANA on-premise system. For more information, see Enabling Blending for SAP HANA Live Data Models.

  • SAP Cloud Platform (SAPCP)
    Cloud connections to SAP HANA 1.0 are supported.
    Cloud connections to SAP HANA 2.0 are not supported.

If you are using a choropleth layer when working with geospatial models based on live SAP HANA systems, you must download and import the new version of the delivery unit, SPATIAL_DATA-1.1.6.tgz. Access to this delivery unit requires an SAP HANA Spatial license.

  • Direct Connection
  • Path on a separate reverse proxy server running either:
    • SAP Web Dispatcher 7.48.0
    • Apache HTTP Server 2.4.x
  • SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) (embedded only)

The minimum requirements for BW support package are:

  • SAP BW 7.4 SP17+
  • SAP BW 7.5 SP8+

The correspondingly minimum requirements for BPC embedded configuration support package are:

  • SAP BPC 11.0, version for BW/4HANA SP1+
  • SAP BPC 10.1, version for NetWeaver on BW 7.4 SP 12+
  • SAP BPC 10.1, version for NetWeaver on BW 7.5 SP8+

As BW is the underlying data warehouse of BPC, all the notes apply to BW also apply to corresponding BPC embedded system. All features supported by BW live connection are supported in BPC.

  • Additional correction notes need to be applied for the versions listed above. See SAP Note 2541557.
  • SAP Note 2541557 also contains additional information on the following support versions: SAP BW 7.4 prior to SP17, SAP BW 7.5 prior to SP8, SAP BW 7.51 SP2+ or SAP BW 7.52.
  • If you are using SAP BW7.4 SP17+, to create live connections that use CORS, you must ensure your SAP BW Kernel is patched at 7.49 315 or higher.
Supported deployments:
  • SAP BW running on any DB

  • SAP BW running on HANA

See Supported Features of SAP BW Live Data Connections for full documentation of BEx query support and product limitations.

  • Direct Connection
  • Path on a separate reverse proxy server running Apache HTTP Server 2.4.x


  • On-premise: SAP S/4HANA 1610 with SAP NW release 7.51 SP2.
  • Cloud Edition: latest version
SAP Hybris Marketing is supported through the SAP S/4HANA connectors available in SAP Analytics Cloud. To connect to SAP Hybris Marketing, you must consider the following version requirements:
  • On-premise: SAP S/4HANA 1709 SP1 with SAP NW release 752 SP01.
  • Cloud Edition: latest version

Higher releases of SAP S/4HANA are supported, but be sure to match with the corresponding SAP NW release version that is supported.

  • Direct Connection
  • Path on a separate reverse proxy server running Apache HTTP Server 2.4.x
  • Cloud

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Universe (UNX and UNV)

4.2 SP4 or higher SP

  • Direct Connection
  • Path on a separate reverse proxy server running Apache HTTP Server 2.4.x

SAP Analytics Cloud Agent

What's Required

With the SAP Analytics Cloud upgrade to 2018.18.0, the minimum required agent versions are as follows:
  • SAP BPC = 1.0.75
  • SAP BW = 1.0.109
  • SAP Universe = 1.0.91
  • SAP ERP / SQL Database = 1.0.99
  • File Server Export = 1.0.75
Although it is not required, you can upgrade to the new agent version 1.0.201, no matter what data acquisition type you use. Do this to take advantage of updates made to SAP Analytics Cloud agent.
You can download and update theSAP Analytics Cloud agent before the scheduled date of your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant upgrade. For more information, see SAP Analytics Cloud Agent Simple Deployment Kit.

Apache Tomcat 7.0 (patch level must be consistent with Java Runtime version)*

Java Runtime Versions supported (patch level must be consistent with Apache Tomcat 7.0):

  • Java Standard Edition Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 7

  • SAP JVM 1.8
SAP Java Connector 3.0.13
  • Operating Systems Supported: Windows, Linux

*64-bit Apache Tomcat, if connecting to 64-bit SAP Java Connector (SAP BW, SAP ECC) or 64-bit JDBC drivers.

SAP Digital Boardroom
Screen Recommend 1920 x 1080 screen resolution or higher.

For multiple screen support, you must have touch software, provided by a third-party vendor, that can provide unified touch across multiple displays with collage.

Recommended Hardware Options

Digital Boardroom looks best on multiple large 4K touch screens from your favorite screen vendor, connected to a single PC running Chrome with a dedicated video card equivalent in performance to an nVidia GTX 1060 or higher. Complex components like maps will display more quickly on your screens with a great video card with at least 4 GB of video RAM, plus at least 8 GB of system RAM. Digital Boardroom can run at 1080p with most recent PC hardware having a dedicated video card.

More details and setup information can be found at: Digital Boardroom Hardware Compatibility.

A Chrome-based tool is available to support the Digital Boardroom on multiple touch screens, without the need to install any third-party application. This tool is a community contribution, and is not officially supported by Product Development, but has been found to work with most vendor hardware.

External Link:

Third party multi-monitor solutions such as Ultramon are not officially tested by SAP with Digital Boardroom, but are known to work for spanning Edge across multiple screens.

SAP Smart Predict

To maintain adequate system performance, each tenant of SAP Analytics Cloud utilizing Smart Predict features, should use no more than 50 node hours per month for the purpose of generating predictive models or applying predictive models to new data sets. Exceeding this may result in performance degradation.

A Node Hour is defined as the number of hours (rounded up to the nearest hour) of infrastructure resources which are dedicated to the generation or application of machine learning models in SAP Analytics Cloud. The duration of all machine learning model training and scoring workloads in a given month shall be computed and rounded to the nearest hour to determine total Node Hours per month.