Working with an Assigned Input Task

When a task is assigned to you, you must accept it before you can work on it or mark it as completed.


You received a notification about an input task that has been assigned to you. You have the option to work on the task, decline it, or forward it to someone else.

If you decline a task, the Approver can choose to exempt you from that task. When that happens, you will no longer have access to the task details.

If you forward the task to someone, when they have finished making their updates, the task will come back to you. At that time, you can make your own updates or just submit it.


  1. To access the task, open (Notifications) and choose the task.

    The Summary page in the story is displayed.

  2. To decline the task, do one of the following:
    • To decline one task, for that task select (Reject).

      You can add a comment before selecting Decline.

    • To decline all tasks, at the bottom of the page select Decline Task.

    A message is sent to the Approver.

    The Approver can reopen the task and send it back to you.

  3. (Optional) To reassign or forward the task to someone else, do the following:
    1. In the Action area for your name, select (Forward).
    2. Select someone to forward the task to.
    3. Select Send.
  4. To accept the task, select your organization from Active members.

    The story switches to the input task page.

    1. Edit the data in the table or make other changes.

      To undo or redo changes, from the toolbar, select (History). In the history panel, select the revision that you want to keep.

    2. After you have completed working with the task, select the Summary page.

    3. Select Submit.

    4. (Optional) Add a comment.

    5. Select Submit.

    A message is sent to the Approver.


Once a task has been completed, you can view the final details.