Adding Dynamic Text to a Story


You can add dynamic text to a text box from the formatting panel. Dynamic text automatically updates the text based on the values from the source input control or filter.
You can add Smart Insight tokens displaying dynamic text to chart footers. From your chart, choose Start of the navigation path (More Actions) Next navigation step  Add Smart InsightsEnd of the navigation path. For more information, see Smart Insights.


  1. Select a text box in your story.
  2. From the More Actions menu, select Dynamic Text.
  3. In the Insert Dynamic Text dialog, select the checkbox for the object you want to use as the source for your dynamic text.
    For example, you can select a Date story filter as the source for your dynamic text. Dynamic text can be added from the following sources:
    • Story Properties

    • Input controls in the current page

    • Calculation Input controls

    • Measure Input controls

    • Story filters

    • Model variables

    • Chart filters

    • Table filters

  4. Specify the number of values to show. For example, you can enter the number 10 to show the first 10 values in the specified input control.

    The number of members from the input control not shown in the dynamic text box is specified in parentheses. For example, if the input control has 15 members and you chose to display only the first 10, the text will indicate that there are 5 more members in the input control.


The dynamic text has been added to the story. The text will be updated based on the values from the source input control.