Managing Value Driver Trees

You can view and manage a list of the value driver trees that you have access to by selecting the Main Menu () and choosing Start of the navigation path Browse Next navigation step Processes Next navigation step  Value Driver TreesEnd of the navigation path.

Select the name of a value driver tree (VDT) to view and edit it.

The following options are also available:




Search for the name of a Value Driver Tree.

(Create Value Driver Tree)

Add a new value driver tree.

(Duplicate Value Driver Tree)

Create a copy of the selected value driver tree, based on the same model and containing the same nodes.

(Delete Value Driver Tree(s))

Delete the selected value driver trees.

(Edit Value Driver Tree)

Change the name or description of the selected value driver tree.

To make changes to the nodes in the tree, select the name of the tree in the main list.

(Reload List)

Refresh the list of value driver trees.