Prepare Data Sources for Predictive Planning

SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to create planning models and run predictive time series forecasts on your data within a story grid or table. For more information, refer to Run Predictive Forecasts on Table Cells.

With Smart Predict you can go one step further and generate forecasts per entities to get accurate business-oriented insights, not only raw forecasts. You can directly use your planning model as the data source, no need to extract data in a dataset.

Smart Predict uses the data available in your planning model to create and train a predictive model. You can then analyze predictive forecast accuracies across the combined dimension values and understand time series breakdown in details. Once you are satisfied with the accuracy of your predictive model, you can generate the predictive forecasts: they are saving back directly in the private version of your planning model. It’s then easy for you to augment your story with actual and predictive forecasts.

In Smart Predict, you need to provide data so that your predictive model can be trained or applied to generate the predictions. This data can be organized using different formats depending on the type of predictive model:
Type of Predictive Model Type of Data Source Comments
Classification Dataset only It can be an acquired or a live dataset.
Regression Dataset only It can be an acquired or a live dataset.
Time Series
  • Dataset
  • Planning Model
  • It can be an acquired or a live dataset.
  • We support all types of planning models, except certain data sources such as BPC. See Restrictions
You can find a detailed use case using a planning model as data source. Read this blogInformation published on SAP site.
They are restrictions on using planning models as data sources. See Restrictions