Live Data Connections to SAP HANA

You can create live data connections to an SAP HANA system using the Direct, Tunnel, and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) connection types, and also connections to SAP HANA Cloud.


You must use a supported version of SAP HANA or SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). For more information, see System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites.

Direct Connection

To make the direct live connection available to users on the internet, see Direct Live Connections in the Internet Scenario.

To use this connection type, you must configure Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support on your SAP HANA on-premise system.

Direct connection setup: Live Data Connection to SAP HANA On-Premise Using a Direct Connection.

The SAP HANA Analytic Adapter (HAA) is not required for an on-premise SAP HANA 2 installation. Instead, SAP HANA 2 customers must enable SAP HANA XS Classic (if not enabled by default) for connectivity with SAP Analytics Cloud.

Tunnel Connection

You can use the Tunnel connection type if your organization wants to expose some of your data to users outside of your corporate network, without giving them VPN rights.

Example: Giant Bread Company wants to expand their business, so they hire Very Clever Consultants (VCC) to do market research for them. VCC prepares a story with market analysis. VCC wants to safeguard this data inside their own firewall, but provide access to their customer. They don't want to give Giant's executives VPN access to VCC's network, but by providing a tunnel connection, VCC can give access to the report and its data, without compromising their network.

Note that tunnel connections are slower than direct connections.

Tunnel connection setup: Live Data Connection to SAP HANA On-Premise Using a Tunnel Connection.

  • Systems on SAP data centers support only SAML connections, while systems on non-SAP data centers support Basic and SAML connections. A two-digit number in your SAP Analytics Cloud URL, for example eu10 or us30, indicates a non-SAP data center.
  • Tunnel connection types are not supported on mobile devices in this release.

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Connection

Use this connection type if you want to connect to data on an BTP system.

BTP connection setup:

SAP HANA Cloud Connection

Use this connection type if you want to connect to data on an SAP HANA Cloud system.

Cloud connection setup:

Connection Timeout

Once a live data connection to SAP HANA is established, SAP HANA is polled every 30 seconds to extend the session. When your connection to SAP HANA has been lost, you will be notified if you are inside a story or a model, and you must refresh the page to re-establish your live data connection.

The 30 second timeout interval can be adjusted by modifying the Avoid Remote Session Timeout (in seconds) setting in Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step  Administration Next navigation step System ConfigurationEnd of the navigation path.
Setting Avoid Remote Session Timeout (in seconds) to 0 disables session timeout.