Google Export Connection

Manage the default Google Drive connection used when exporting stories to Google Slides.


If your SAP Analytics Cloud system is hosted on a data center located within China, this feature is not available.

Your SAP Analytics Cloud system includes a default export connection to Google Drive. This connection is used when exporting a story to Google Slides, allowing your users to sign in to their Google account and save the story to their personal Google Drive. See Export a Story as Google Slides for steps to help your users export their stories.

You can find the connection in the Connections area:

The Google Drive connection has these properties:
  • When your tenant system is created, the System Owner, Admin roles, and any existng user with Manage permission on Public File and Read permission on User items can see, manage, and share the Google Drive connection. This also happens on existing tenant systems who receive the 2019.1 update with the Google Drive connection.
  • The System Owner is the default owner of the connection. Note that if the System Owner is changed, the owner of the connection is not automatically changed.
  • Only users who have the Maintain permission on the Connection item can see the export to Google Slides option in their story's Export Story As dialog. However, these users will not be able to perform the export unless an administrator also shares the connection with their user account. They can request permission to an administrator from the Export Story As dialog.
  • No user can delete or edit this connection, and the connection can't be exported from the Deployment area.

Sharing the Google Drive Connnection

There are two cases where you need to share the Google Drive connection with new users:
  • A new user who is not an administrator must have the connection shared with them before they can use the export to Google Slides option in the Stories area. These users do not have permission to share or manage the connection.
  • A new administrator can only manage the connection in the Connection area if the connection is first shared with them.
To share the connection:
  1. Select the Google Export connection in the Connections area, and click (Share connection).
  2. Invite your user or team, click Share, and then click Done.