Customize the System Notification Banner

As an administrator, you can send custom messages to your users with the system notification banner that sets to expire on a date you've chosen.

Who does this apply to?
  • Users with Read and Update permissions for System Information.
  • Admin and BI Admin standard application roles.

About the System Notification Banner

You can use the system notification banner to send custom banner messages to your SAP Analytics Cloud users. A custom banner message can be any message that you want your users to see and acknowledge. For example:
  • Communicating roll out of a new story or model, or updates to existing analytics content that you want to raise awareness to your end users.
  • Downtime or other temporary outage of on-premise data source systems during which existing stories and models that use those data sources are limited in the ability to refresh or access data.
  • Changes to tenant URLs or other corporate portal URLs where you want users to update their browser bookmarks they use to access SAP Analytics Cloud.

Custom messages appear in a top banner similar to the banner messages sent by SAP to communicate to customers an upcoming maintenance window, or after a scheduled update that introduces new features.

Your own custom messages appear in a grey system banner.
Blue system banners are messages from SAP to your organization and users.

Users can click on the X button to close the banner.

You can create any message you want, so use the custom banner to visibly communicate important announcements after your users sign in.

Adding a Custom Notification


  1. From the side navigation, choose Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step  Administration Next navigation step NotificationsEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Click on Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the Notifications tab to enable editing of all settings on the page.
  3. In the System Banner Notification section, click the OFF toggle to change it to ON.
  4. Write your banner message in the Banner Content field.

    Your message has a limit of 140 characters.

  5. Select the expiry date in the Expiry field.

    When the custom banner is past the expiry date, users will no longer see the custom message. If they close the banner message, they won't be able to see it again even if the message hasn't expired yet.

  6. Click Save in the upper right of the page to commit your changes.


Once the custom banner has been created, all users will be able to see the banner message at the top of their page when they sign in to your tenant.

Handling Conflicts with Multiple Banners

You may encounter conflicts between existing banners such as SAP maintenance banners when you create a custom banner. Banner messages follow this order of priority:
  1. SAP maintenance countdown banner (before scheduled maintenance).
  2. SAP custom banner message.
  3. Your own custom banner notification message (this feature).
  4. SAP maintenance banner (during scheduled maintenance).
  5. SAP What's New banner (after a scheduled update).
So for example, your own custom banner message will be displayed instead of the SAP What's New banner while your banner is active. Whereas an active SAP maintenance countdown banner takes priority over all other banners, including your own custom message. The countdown banner is displayed for a specific timeframe before scheduled maintenance to warn users to save their work before your system goes down.
If you have an active, existing banner, you can still update the message, or delete it. Users will see the change the next time they sign in.