Export a Story as Google Slides

If you use Google Drive, you can export your SAP Analytics Cloud story as a Google Slides presentation.



If your SAP Analytics Cloud system is hosted on a data center located within China, this feature is not available.


  1. With a story open, select Start of the navigation path Next navigation step ExportEnd of the navigation path from the toolbar.
  2. In the dialog, choose Google Slides from the File Type list.

    You'll be reminded that any data you export to Google Slides is subject to Google's terms of service and privacy policy. Since you are exporting a copy of the data in your story outside SAP Analytics Cloud to Google Drive, this copy of your data may leave your preferred geographical region. It's recommended to read Google's data and privacy policies before exporting.

    If you don't want to be reminded again, check Got it! Don't remind me again. and then click Accept & Continue.

  3. If prompted, sign in to your own personal Google account with your username and password.
  4. You'll be prompted to allow SAP Analytics Cloud access your Google account. Click Allow.

    SAP Analytics Cloud uses this access to display and let you search your Google Drive folders and presentations, and to save Google Slides presentations to your account.

    Your Google account is only ever used with your own SAP Analytics Cloud user account, and never shared with other users. Contents of your personal Google Drive are never shared with anyone else, and no one can add slides to your Google account.

  5. Once signed into Google, set the Google Drive options under My Drive.
    • Choose New Presentation to create a new Google Slides presentation from the story. Enter a name for the presentation and choose a folder to save it to.
    • Choose Add to Existing Presentation and select an existing Google Slides presentation. Story pages are added to the end of the presentation.
    You can also change your Google account by clicking Switch Account under the My Drive options.
  6. Choose which pages you'd like to export. You can export all, or a range of pages.
  7. (Optional) Select Enable export in the background if you want to continue working while the file is being processed and saved. You may experience a slower response time until the export is complete.
  8. Click Export to create your Google Slides presentation.


Once the export is complete, you can find your new or updated Google Slides presentation by signing on to your Google Drive account.

If you want to remove SAP Analytics Cloud from the list of apps that can access your Google account, sign in to your Google account and go to https://myaccount.google.com/permissionsInformation published on non-SAP site. Select SAP Analytics Cloud in the list of apps and click Remove Access