Import Data Connection to an SAP BPC System

You can create a connection that allows you to import data and models from an SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) system.


To connect to the standard configuration of SAP BPC for BW/4HANA, version 11.0 SP01 or higher or version 11.1 SP00 or higher, you have completed ONE of the following setup options:
To connect to SAP BPC for SAP NetWeaver, version 10.0 SP12 or higher, or the standard configuration of 10.1 SP2 or higher, you have completed ONE of the following setup options:
To connect to SAP BPC for Microsoft Platform, version 10.0 SP12 or higher, or 10.1 SP2 or higher, you have completed ONE of the following setup options:
The BPC connection is available only with a planning license.


  1. From the side navigation, choose Start of the navigation path Connections Next navigation step End of the navigation path.
    The Select a data source dialog will appear.
  2. Expand Acquire Data and select SAP BPC (Add Connection).
  3. Select the type of SAP BPC system you will connect to from the following options:
    • SAP BPC for SAP BW/4HANA
    • SAP BPC 10.1 for Microsoft platform
    • SAP BPC 10.1 for SAP NetWeaver
  4. In the New BPC Connection dialog, enter the following information:
    1. A name and a description for the connection.
    2. In the Data Source Configuration section, select the Location of your Cloud Connector from the list.
    3. Enter your SAP BPC Host Name and Port.
    4. In the Credentials section, select the authentication method you want to use.

      There are two types of authentication methods: Basic Authentication and OAuth Authentication.

    5. If you choose the Basic Authentication, enter the User ID and Password for your BPC system.
    6. If you choose to use OAuth Authentication, you need to create your OAuth client in BPC system following the prerequisites and detailed steps described in Creating an OAuth Client for BPC Data Acquisition with SAP Analytics Cloud.
    7. Then go back to SAP Analytics Cloud, enter the OAuth Client ID, Secret, and Authentication URL you defined in BPC.
    8. Choose the button Go Authenticate. A dialog will pop up for you to enter your BPC user and password. If you've configured SAML SSO, then you can directly single sign on to your BPC authorization page.

      To configure SSO, the following prerequisites should be met:

      • You are using the same Identity Provider (IdP) for SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP NetWeaver. For more information on setting up your identity provider in SAP Analytics Cloud, see Enable a Custom SAML Identity Provider.
      • Ensure that SAML authentication related settings have been configured for BPC in SAP NetWeaver. For more information on enabling SAML on SAP NetWeaver, see Enabling the SAML Service Provider.

    9. In the next dialog, choose Allow to confirm to assign the OAuth scope to the SAP Analytics Cloud user.
  5. After you are authenticated successfully, choose Create.
    The new connection is added to the list of connections on the Connections screen.
  6. In a case when you use an OAuth connection and the OAuth token expires, you need to re-authenticate again.
  7. If you want to create a model based on this connection, see Import Data to Your Model.

    Select the Enable users to schedule for story publishing option if you want to let your users schedule the publishing of stories. For details on scheduling, see Schedule a Publication.