Set Up Trust Between the Cloud Connector and Your On-Premise HANA Systems

Configure your on-premise SAP HANA system so that it trusts the Cloud Connector. This step is needed only if your live connection uses single sign-on.


Make sure that you've already configured the Cloud Connector. For details, see Configure Your On-Premise Systems to Use the Cloud Connector.


  • The Cloud Connector maps to the SAP HANA system using no authentication.
  • The live system needs to trust the metadata that is downloaded from SAP Analytics Cloud.


  1. In the SAP HANA XS Administration Tool, open the SAML Service Provider screen, and on the Service Provider Information tab, get the SAML provider name.
  2. In SAP Analytics Cloud, start to create a live SAP HANA connection, and enable single sign-on.
  3. Back in the SAP HANA XS Administration Tool, open the SAML Identity Provider screen, and select near the bottom of the screen to add a new SAML identity provider.
  4. Add the SAML mapping to the HANA user.
    For details, see Live Data Connection to BTP with SSO; especially these steps:
    • step 1.j: “Select Download Metadata and save the metadata file.”
    • step 1.k: “Under SAML Provider Name, enter the IdP provider name you copied in step 1b.”
    • step 3: “You must either perform an automatic or manual user mapping.”
  5. In SAP Analytics Cloud, finish creating the live SAP HANA connection.