Setting up Smart Insights for Live SAP HANA Direct Connections

You can set up Smart Insights for live SAP HANA direct connections.

Using live connections means you can access your on-premise data in real time without having to deal with data updates or uploads. As data stays on-premise, there is no storage in the cloud, so your data security is never an issue.

What do I need to do to access Smart Insights on live SAP HANA direct connections?

Smart Insights requires metadata about each remote model. The model metadata required to generate Smart Insights on live SAP HANA models is actually cardinality statistics that help to determine the most interesting candidates for further calculations related to Smart Insights. This is generated and stored on SAP Analytics Cloud servers to help speed up the responsiveness of Smart Insights, and improves the ability of the Smart Insights calculation to determine the most interesting dimensions and dimension members in a model. The model metadata is only stored when enabled on a live SAP HANA connection.

Before you can generate this model metadata, you need to enable the generation of model metadata on the live SAP HANA direct connection. For more information, see the following diagram:

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A new technical user is required for model metadata generation. Follow the instructions for the Administration section called 'Data Source Configuration'. You need to turn on a switch in here. You can create live data connections to your on-premise data sources through the Cloud Connector, to make use of advanced features. You need to enable the generation of model metadata when setting up a new live SAP HANA connection. You can manually generate model metadata in Connections using the Generate Model Metadata dialog. Smart Insights uses statistical analysis to automatically provide insights to better help you understand your data.