Update BPC Dimension Properties and Texts

To support query created based on an InfoObject flagged as InfoProvider and perform master data planning in SAP Analytics Cloud, at BPC side, a new type of model “Master Data Provider” is introduced. You can refer to the SAP Note 2824099 Information published on SAP site for more information.


Make sure you meet all the prerequisites below at BPC side:

  • Use embedded configuration of SAP BPC 11.0, version for BW/4HANA support package 11 or higher.

  • Or use embedded configuration of SAP BPC 11.1, version for BW/4HANA support package 03 or higher.

  • Set the global level IMG parameter "ENABLE_MASTER" of the model to “X”. By default, this parameter is not enabled.


Perform the step 1 to 10 in BW Modeling Tools, then go to SAP BPC and SAP Analytics Cloud and perform the rest.

  1. Enable the property Master Data and the property Texts for an InfoObject.
  2. Copy the InfoObject, add attributes and enable the property Usable as InfoProvider and Planning Mode as below:

  3. Activate the InfoObject and an InfoProvider with the same name as the InfoObject is generated.
  4. Enable planning for the InfoProvider by choosing the option Real-Time Target Data Can be Planned, Data Loading Not Allowed.
  5. Create an aggregation level on top of the generated InfoProvider.
  6. All the properties and texts that are available as key figures. Add corresponding characteristics and key figures to the aggregation level.
  7. Create a planning query on the aggregation level.
  8. Add characteristics and key figures to the rows and columns of the query.
  9. Go to the Planning tab in Properties and change all the key figures to Input-Ready.
  10. Enable the option Start Query in Input Mode for the query and save the query.
  11. As the global level IMG parameter "ENABLE_MASTER" is enabled, you can create a new "Master Data Provider" type model in BPC based on the InfoProvider you generated previously in the BW Modeling Tools.
  12. Go to SAP Analytics Cloud, create a story based on the new BPC live connection model and query.
  13. Maintain the attributes and texts of the dimension directly in the story.
    When maintaining the attributes in SAP Analytics Cloud, there’s no value help available to check whether the attribute ID or name is valid or not.
  14. Save and publish the story to update the changed data.
  15. The properties and texts updates will also be reflected in BW InfoObject and BPC dimension.