Save Predictive Forecasts Back into your Planning Model

You've assessed the performance of your predictive model and you're confident using the predictive forecasts.You want to integrate the predictive forecasts into your planning model.

To save the predictive forecasts back into your planning model:
  1. Select the (Save Forecasts) button from within your report.

  2. Specify the Private Version to which you want to save the generated forecasts.

    • Private versions are only initially visible to the person who created them.

    • You can make them visible to other users by sharing the private versions. Shared versions are private versions that you allow other people to see.

  3. To only save forecasts for future periods, select Save.

  4. To also save forecasts for past periods, select Start of the navigation pathAdvanced Settings Next navigation step Save Forecasts Values for Past PeriodEnd of the navigation path, and change the default setting from Off to On.


    When the default setting of Save Forecasts Values for Past Period is set to Off, only forecasts for future periods are saved to the private version of your input planning model, in the measure that was selected as Target. When the default setting is set to On, it allows you to save forecasts for a past period to the private version of your planning model. This means you can assess the performance of your predictive forecast values by using all the visual and modeling powers right there in your story, to compare the difference between your predictive forecast and the actuals, plans or budget.