Understand the Roles and Permissions for Predictive Planning

In the application, the Predictive Content Creator role provides appropriate permissions to do Predictive Planning.

The following table explains what you can do in the Predictive Scenarios, and which roles and permissions you need to perform the action.

If you are an admin, you can create custom roles. For more information, see Create Roles and Standard Application Roles.

Data Sources


These roles and permissions apply to both live and acquired datasets.
What you can do Predictive Content Creator Predictive Admin
View existing datasets x x
Create a new dataset x x
Update an existing dataset (only for live datasets) x x
Delete a dataset x x

For more information, see About Datasets and Dataset Types.

Planning Models

You must have the relevant license to create planning models. For more information, see Features by License Type for Planning Models.
What you can do Predictive Content Creator Predictive Admin Planning Modeler
View and select existing planning models.

You need read access to the planning model. You can create private versions once you have read access.

x x  
Write-back the predictive forecasts in planning models.

This applies to the private version of the planning model only. You must have write access to the private version related to the planning model. You can always write to private versions you own, but you need to be granted write access for the versions you don't own (shared versions).

x x  
Create planning models.     x

To publish a private version of your planning model with Smart Predict forecasts, you need Maintain permissions at a global level, and at the level of the specific model. Maintain permissions aren't enabled by default on the Predictive Content Creator and Predictive Admin roles. Planning Professional Admin , Planning Professional Modeler , and Planning Standard Reporter are the roles in the application that include Maintain permissions.