Data Blending for SAP BW Live Data Models

You can perform blending with SAP BW live data models.

Supported SAP BW Data Blending Scenarios

  • Blending SAP BW live data models with import data models: A live data model based on SAP BW can be blended with one or more secondary models based on imported data.
  • Blending SAP BW live data models with other SAP BW live data models:
    • Multiple BW models from the same BW system
    • Multiple BW models from different BW systems
    • Blending multiple models (more than two)
    • Blending multiple models using acquired data with multiple BW models
    • Support both browser-based and SDI blending modes
    • Use BW systems with different release cycles (for example, BW 7.5 and BW/4HANA)
    • Linking with and without hierarchies (parent-child or time-dependent hierarchies)
    • Use BW as the primary data source

Supported SAP BW Deployments for Live Data Blending

(Refer to the configuration steps and prerequisites below for details on SAP BW versions and SAP HANA versions required for data blending.)

  • SAP BW on HANA

Usage Restrictions

Both browser-based and SDI-based data blending are not supported with SAP BW Queries having a Two Structures concept.