Changing App Settings

Personalize the mobile app experience by changing your application settings.

Tap your user Profile icon to display the following settings:

The image above is an iOS user profile sample.
Depending on how your mobile administrator has configured the app, some settings may not appear.
Profile Settings
iOS Setting Android Setting Description
Server Details Server Details Displays the SAP Analytics Cloud system the mobile app is connected to. Tap Switch ServerTap to connect to another server. Tap the displayed URL see further details. Tap Log Off to log off the system.
Settings Settings Security and Defaults Tap to see more configurable settings. For more information see the table below.
Version Version Indicates the current version of the mobile app installed to the device.
Enable Touch ID / Face ID N/A Enable or disabled Touch ID or Face ID on your device
Not available for the Android app.

The table below lists the options displayed when you select Settings under your user profile.

iOS Setting Android Setting Description
Change App Password App Password Tap to change the application password used to control access to the app on your device.
Clear Storage Clear Cache Tap to clear the app's cached data.
Cache Duration N/A Tap to specify storage cache duration time. When the specified duration elapses, any data stored data will not be valid for use.
An SAP Analytics Cloud admin can enable the Disable the mobile app cache setting on the web application and thereby turn the cache off for all users.
Tab TAB The default tab that opens when the app launches. This is set by the Administrator as Home, Files, or Admin Default.
Files Filter Files Filter Available filters defined by the administrator or the user.
Files Content Files Content Tap Files Content and use Select File and choose one of your stories, Digital Boardroom presentations, or analytic application to automatically open when the app launches.

Currently you can only set a story as your default content when using the Android app.

Automatically Refresh N/A Enable to have story pages automatically refresh the data when opened in the mobile app.
If your admin has enabled Disable the mobile app cache on the web application , this setting is no longer relevant as the story pages are always refreshed with latest data.
Enable Log File Enable Log File Enable if you want to create log files and send them to SAP Support to troubleshoot issues.