Best Practices for Optimizing Performance During Planning

There are actions you can take to optimize your system resources when using planning features in SAP Analytics Cloud.

System resources used in one feature area can sometimes impact the performance of other features using the same model. For example, if multiple users have large private versions on a model, this could impact performance of data actions and multi actions, data entry, or publishing versions.

If you do not have the required resources available, you may experience errors when using planning features and need to try again later. We recommend taking the following actions when possible to help improve performance during planning.

Version Management

When working with public and private versions, there are a few options to improve performance:

  • Delete unused private versions and revert unused edits to public versions on your model.

    • Note that large private versions created by other users may also impact performance. A user with Delete permission for the model can delete all private versions from the model preferences. Refer to Planning for more information.

  • Filter the data that you copy to private versions.

    • When creating a new private version, you can choose the data you want to copy to the new version. It is recommended to only copy relevant data if you are working with a large amount of data. Refer to Creating Versions for more information about creating private versions.

    • If you have the recommended planning area enabled on the model, you can choose to only copy a subset of data based on data access control, data locking, or both. For more information about using the recommended planning area, refer to Optimize Planning Models Using the Planning Area.
  • Limit the public version data you put into edit mode.

    • If you have the recommended planning area enabled on the model, you can choose to only put the recommended planning area into edit mode. Refer to Planning on Public Versions for more information.

  • Define read data access control on the model. This ensures that non-admin planners will create private versions or edit public versions with a configured restricted data snapshot. Refer to Set Up Data Access Control for more information.

Data Actions, Multi Actions and Allocations

Data actions, multi actions, or allocations running in the background may impact the performance of other planning activities. There are a few actions you can take to improve performance when working with these features.

Data Entry

There are a few options to help you improve performance when working with data entry.

  • When possible, avoid pasting data to many different members and dimensions in a table.

    • When there are multiple dimensions in the table, you can paste to different sets of members for each dimension. To avoid slow performance, you'll be notified when you try to paste to an area that includes a large number of different sets. For more information, refer to Copying and Pasting Cell Values.

    • For performance tips related to mass data entry, refer to Performance Considerations.

  • If your model contains many dimensions where the Unassigned member is not available, spreading data to all leaf members for each dimension may result in slow performance.
    • You'll either get a warning about slower performance, or a message to filter the data or change the target cell to create fewer data records in a single operation.

  • Deleting values may also affect performance for queries and planning. For more information, refer to Performance Considerations.

Model Preferences

Refer to Set Up Model Preferences for details on how you can optimize performance using model preferences.