Run Planning Sequences from BPC

To enrich the planning features in a story based on a BPC live data connection model, we now allow you to directly trigger planning sequences created in BPC from a SAP Analytics Cloud story, as well as set variable values.


If the planning sequence variables you defined in BPC are mandatory without default value, make sure you apply the note 2738235 Information published on SAP site. Otherwise, the variable dialog might not popup correctly in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Also be noticed that the planning function type File Upload from AO is currently not supported.


  1. On a canvas or responsive page, select Start of the navigation path Next navigation step Planning TriggerEnd of the navigation path.
  2. In Select Trigger Type dialog, select BPC Planning Sequence Trigger.
  3. Select a BPC live connection model.

    The BPC planning sequence you add can have a different model from the tables in a story. If you choose a model that’s based on a different connection not used in the current story, you need to enter credentials for that connection.

  4. In the same dialog select a planning sequence. The planning sequence list displays only the planning sequences you have access right to. Then click Next.
  5. Type a name as a Label and optionally a description for the planning sequence trigger.
  6. In the section Planning Sequence Steps, you can view details of the planning sequence including planning function, aggregation level and filters. Click OK to confirm and go to the next step.
  7. If the planning sequence contains variables, then a dialog will popup for you to set variables for the planning sequence.
  8. You can choose default value for the variables and define whether to automatically open the variable settings dialog when the planning sequence is triggered. Then click Set.

    If the planning sequence shares the same model with the story, all variables defined in planning sequence will be automatically merged with the story’s variables. “Merge” means the same variable defined in different places will be merged into one, thus you cannot define different values for them in different places.


The planning sequence widget is successfully created and displayed in the canvas.

You can click the (Play icon) to trigger the planning sequence. Corresponding data are refreshed automatically after the planning sequence is executed. Roles of executing the planning sequences are defined in the BPC backend via two authorization objects S_RS_PLSE and S_RS_PLSQ.

After creating a planning sequence, you still have the chance to edit its settings. Choose the planning sequence and click the (edit) button in the widget’s right-side menu.


You can also use the BPC Planning Sequence widget to run planning sequences for BPC live data connection models in analytic applications. For details, refer to Work with Planning Applications