Configure Custom SMTP Server

You can configure an SMTP server of your choice, for all email deliveries.


Configuring an email server of your choice ensures greater security and flexibility while delivering email for your business.


  1. From the side navigation, choose Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step  Administration Next navigation step NotificationsEnd of the navigation path.
  2. Select (Edit).
  3. Under Email Server Configuration, select Custom, and fill in the following fields.

    By default, the Default option is enabled under Email Server Configuration.

    Make sure that the SMTP server supports StartTLS, to allow secure transfer of emails.

    • Host: Enter the address of the host that is reachable over the Internet.

    • Port: Enter the port number of the SMTP account.

    • User Name: Enter a user name for the SMTP account.

    • Password: Enter the password for the SMTP account.

    • Envelope Sender Address: Email address used by the email server to deliver emails

    • Header Sender Address: Email address used by the email client to display sender's address in the From field.

  4. Click Check Configuration or select (Save), to successfully validate the configuration details.

    On clicking Check Configuration an email will be triggered to the user who is logged in.


    If the configuration is not validated successfully, provide the correct information and check the configuration once again, or contact your administrator.