Adding In-Cell Charts to Table Measures

In addition to a numeric value, you can add a small bar chart to each cell of a measure in a table column or row.


Create a table with at least one measure (an account measure, for example) and a dimension.


You can display a bar chart or a variance chart in your table cells so that you have both a visual and a numeric view of your data.

Your story page will need to be in Edit mode.


  1. To choose the members to display, in the Builder select your measure and then select (Manage Filters): select your members and then click OK.
  2. In the table, right-click a measure column or row header and then select (In-Cell Chart).

    Each cell in the table for the selected measure displays a bar and a value.

  3. To hide the bar chart, right-click the measure header again and then select (In-Cell Chart).
  4. To change the bar chart to a variance chart, do the following:
    1. In the Builder under Chart Structure, select Comparison and then select either Variance Bar or Variance Pin.

      If you see Table Structure instead of Chart Structure, you may need to select the bar chart in the table, or hide the in-cell chart and then show it again.