Tables (Specifics for SAP BW)

Learn about specifics on SAP BW live data connections in SAP Analytics Cloud when working with tables.

BW Query with Two Structures

When using a BW query with two structures, in-cell charts and thresholds can be defined in the table for members of both the first and second structure dimensions.

Displaying Images in Table Cells

You can display images from BW in table cells, if the image attribute type is a URL.


When you export the table to PDF, the image's URL is exported, not the image.

  1. In the Builder panel, find your dimension and then select Start of the navigation path(More) Next navigation step PropertiesEnd of the navigation path.

  2. In the Set visible properties dialog, select the appropriate property (for example, External URL).

Changing (Editing) Member Order

Measures and key figures can only be sorted when there is no hierarchy defined. Even if the hierarchy is changed to a flat presentation the order can not be changed.

Table Formatting Rules
When applying formatting (styling) rules to tables, the following levels are not supported for SAP BW live connections:
  • Self & Children
  • Self & Siblings
  • Self & Descendants
  • Children
  • Descendants
Display Options Limitations
  • Multiple dimensions in one column: When several dimensions are shown as a hierarchy in one column (for example, a Universal Display hierarchy), only the description of the dimension members is shown even when ID is selected within the Display Options. (This also affects the display options in hyperlinks.)

  • Displaying short, medium, or long text: If a visible property is the same as the description format and Description is selected as a property, only description details will be shown.