Changing Member Order

You can create a custom order for your members in a table.


Make sure you are in Edit mode. You can't change the order when you are viewing the story.


You can rearrange the order of the members in your table. This applies to all members or measures on the same hierarchical level, including calculated measures.


The sort option won't be available if you aren't allowed to change the sort order for a particular dimension. For example, you aren't allowed to change the order of members in the version dimension.


  1. Right-click your dimension header and then select Start of the navigation path (Sort Options) Next navigation step Add Custom OrderEnd of the navigation path.

    The Edit Member Order panel appears.

  2. Expand the hierarchy.
  3. Select a member and then drag it to the new location, or select either Move to top or Move to bottom of currently shown members.

    After moving members around, you can Preview the table layout.

  4. When you've finished rearranging members, select OK to save your changes.

Next Steps

To change or delete the custom order, right-click the dimension header, select Sort Options, find the custom order, and then select (edit). In the Edit Member Order panel, make your changes or select Delete.