Configure Workspaces

We're introducing a new way to collaborate. As an administrator, you can set up virtual workspaces for your organizational set-up, allowing you to more easily manage all of your content and users.

Who does this apply to?
  • Users with Read and Manage permissions for Workspaces.
  • Admin and BI Admin standard application roles.

Getting to Know Workspaces

With SAP Analytics Cloud workspaces, you can create virtual workspaces that mimic any organizational set-up. Workspaces lets you assign teams and workspace administrators to separate groups, giving you greater content management capabilities. For example, you can:
  • Manage a large amount of content and users
  • Create workspaces for different departments (e.g. finance, HR data) to facilitate sharing department-relevant content.
  • Set up workspaces for different lines of business to manage cross-product information spillover
  • Easily create, then delete workspaces for short-term projects whose team members are temporary

Understanding the Workspace Roles

Learn more about the different workspace roles and restrictions.

Capabilities Administrator Workspace Administrator Content Creator
Create a workspace    
Delete a workspace    
Assign or remove teams    
Assign or remove a workspace administrator    
View Workspace Management  
Open System view of the workspace  
Can view all content created by users in the workspace  
Share and publish content to the workspace
Manage content into folders
Create content in the workspace

Setting Up a Workspace

Workspaces can be set up from Workspace Management.

To create a new workspace,
  1. Open Workspace Management from the side navigation.
  2. Near the top right corner, click on the + to create a new workspace.
  3. In the dialog, name your workspace and add a description if needed.
  4. Save the workspace.

Now that you’ve created a new workspace, you can assign teams and workspace administrators. To manage your existing workspaces, you can visit the Workspace Management area at any time.

Assigning Teams to a Workspace

With workspaces, you can assign already existing teams to collaborate on content within the confines of the shared workspace.

To add teams to a workspace,
  1. Open Workspace Management from the side navigation.
  2. Select a workspace.
  3. Under Assigned Teams, click on the + to add teams.

  4. In the dialog, select the teams you want to the workspace.
  5. Click OK.

To add users to a workspace; the users must already be assigned to a team, and the team must be assigned to the workspace.

Assigning a Workspace Administrator to a Workspace

Workspaces lets you delegate content administration to workspace administrators. By assigning a user as a workspace administrator, the assigned user can organize the workspace content into folders, edit or delete files, and move content in and out of a workspace without relying on privileges.

Workspace administrators are also given read-only rights to the Workspace Management area. There, they can view the details of the workspaces they are assigned.

To add a workspace administrator,
  1. Open Workspace Management from the side navigation.
  2. Select a workspace.
  3. Under Assigned Admins, click on the + to add workspace administrators.

  4. In the dialog, select the users you want to add as workspace administrators.
  5. Click OK.

You may assign multiple users as workspace administrators. Workspace administrators do not have to be in an assigned team in the workspace.

Workspace administrators can’t create or delete a workspace; those privileges are only available for the System Administrator role.

Deleting a Workspace

To delete a workspace,

  1. Open Workspace Management from the side navigation.

  2. Select the workspace you want to delete.
  3. In the selected workspace’s overview, click (Delete) on the in the top right corner

  4. A dialog will open, click Delete.
Once you delete a workspace, all its content will be permanently deleted, and you won’t be able to recover it.