Value Sorting

You can sort dimension values in a table.


  1. Select a dimension cell in a table.
  2. Right-click and then select Start of the navigation path Sort Options Next navigation step Value SortingEnd of the navigation path.

    Not all values in a table can be sorted. The (Sort Options) icon is only enabled for dimensions that can be sorted.

    The Create Value Sorting dialog appears.

  3. Under Type, choose Ascending or Descending sort.
  4. Under Direction, choose Vertical or Horizontal.

    This option is only enabled if more than one sort direction is possible in the table.

    If you choose Vertical, the column the dimension is included in will be sorted. If you choose Horizontal, the row the dimension is included in will be sorted.
  5. (Optional): Select Break Grouping.

    Break Grouping is useful when there are multiple columns or rows in your table. If Break Grouping is enabled, the sort will be applied to the selected column or row first. Dimensions in all other columns or rows will be sorted next, and may not remain in their original groupings.

    If Break Grouping is not enabled, the sort is performed on the outer column or row first.


    Break Grouping is only available if there are groups in the column or row.

    Break Grouping is unavailable if the axis (that is, the row or column) that you want to sort has one or more of the following situations:
    • axis has totals
    • axis has a hierarchy
    • axis contains a cross calculation
  6. Under Related Dimensions, select the icon beside a dimension member to change the default value.

    A member must be supplied for each related dimension.

  7. Choose a member from the list, and then select OK.
  8. Select members for all related dimensions.
  9. Select OK.


The column or row is sorted in ascending or descending order. The sort will appear in the table subtitle, and can be removed by clicking .