Adding Dynamic Text to a Table Title

In SAP Analytics Cloud, you can add dynamic text to a table title.


You can change the title of a table to include dynamic text from a variety of elements including story filters and filters that are in use in the table.


  1. In your table, select the title or part of the title.
  2. Right-click and then select Add Dynamic Text.
  3. In the Insert Dynamic Text dialog, select the check box for the object you want to use as the source for your dynamic text.

    You can scroll through all the options, or select an option from the left side to display specific objects on the right.

    Option Objects

    Story Properties

    • Current User

    • Current Time

    • Current Date

    • Last Modified Date

    • Last Modified Date/Time

    • Last Modifier (last person to modify the story)

    • Creator

    • Page Number


    For dimensions, you can also specify which hierarchy and level to display, and whether to display the ID or description.

    Input Controls


    Calculation Input Controls


    Measure Input Controls


    Dimension Input Controls


    Story Filters


    Tile Filters & Variables

    Tile (or widget) filters and variables include the filters and variables that are used in charts and tables.


    The tile filters and variables will not appear on mobile devices.

    Model Variables

  4. Select Create.


Dynamic text is added to the title.