Optimized View Mode Limitations

In SAP Analytics Cloud, while the optimized view mode improves the performance of dashboards (in certain scenarios), it doesn't include all the features that are currently supported in the non-optimized view mode.

A story designer can create a story that uses the non-optimized view mode or the optimized view mode. While the optimized view mode does improve performance, it has some limitations that you should consider before using this mode. Below are the features that are not yet supported in optimized view mode.

The status of the features is updated with each release.

For information on behavior improvements, see Optimized View Mode Improvements.

To enable the optimized view mode, see Enabling Optimized View Mode.

Features that Won't be Supported in Optimized View Mode

Some features won't be available when the story has Optimized View Mode enabled. The story designer will need to change or remove these features before they can use optimized view mode.

Feature Impact Required Action
Regular / classic table (non-Optimized Presentation table) Save to Optimized View Mode is blocked In the Builder panel, select the Optimized Presentation table
Grid pages Save to Optimized View Mode is blocked Remove Grid pages
BW Systems with Linked Analysis without Complex Filter Capability Save to Optimized View Mode is blocked Requires BW Upgrade to at least SAP BW 7.5 SP16
Partial Range filters

Story Filters – Save to Optimized View Mode BLOCKED

Page Filters – Object Displayed as GHOST WIDGET

Reset the Selection of Range Filter to Original Range
Range Filters with Unrestricted Drilling Off (Local and Reference Line) Object Displayed as GHOST WIDGET Set Unrestricted Drilling to ON
Legacy Value Driver Tree Object Displayed as GHOST WIDGET Transform Objects to New Value Driver Tree
Display Full Range Slider Files automatically converted to open-ended filter N/A
Explorer Feature disabled N/A
Controls Panel Feature disabled N/A

Current Performance Optimizations (All Data Sources)
  • Story designers can change rendering behavior: they can use classic rendering or active viewport rendering (loading content that is in the visible area of the screen, and only loading new content after scrolling stops).

  • Improved rendering of large complex hierarchies by loading leaf nodes on demand.

  • Page caching for previously visited pages.

Current Performance Optimizations ( Analytic Acquired Data and Live HANA data sources)
The following are the current updates to performance for Acquired Data and SAP HANA data sources:
  • Improved rendering of what you see when you first open the story, before you do any scrolling. (Improved rendering does not apply when the story contains dynamic variables or forced variable prompts.)

  • Model information will be downloaded based on user interactions (for example, filter interaction, page switch, linked analysis, and so on).

Current Performance Optimizations (BW)
The following are the current updates to performance for BW data sources:
  • Improvements in dynamic content loading, content caching on browser as well as client-server communication (reduced the number of sequential network round trips).

  • Variable submit requests are removed because variable metadata responses have been optimized to request relevant information.

Backwards Compatibility Guidance for Using Optimized View Mode with SAP BW
Upgrading and patching your BW InA interface before using Optimized View Mode gives you the following benefits:
  • Allows you to take advantage of new performance enhancements.

  • Additional behavior improvements that were not possible in a non-optimized story.

For more information on the existing SAP Analytics Cloud patches to apply to your BW system, see the following SAP Note: 2715030 Information published on SAP sitedesc: Considerations when using SAP BW and SAP S/4HANA Live Connections in SAC

To enable optimized view mode for stories with BW live connections, you should also apply the following patches:
  • SAP Note: 3029060 Information published on SAP sitedesc: InA: Rest node initially not expanded if dimension is initially on free axis

  • SAP Note: 3045207 Information published on SAP sitedesc: Exception in CL_RSR_RRK0_QUERY_RUNTIME=>BROWSE_CHARACTERISTIC

  • SAP Note: 3049412 Information published on SAP sitedesc: BICS INA : Incorrect error message for user with no Authorization for BW Query

  • SAP Note: 3041816 Information published on SAP sitedesc: INA: Incorrect parent indexes for flat presentation (value instead of -1)

  • SAP Note: 3048800 Information published on SAP sitedesc: InA: Hierarchy value help not working in case of temporal hierarchy join

  • SAP Note: 2981266 Information published on SAP sitedesc: Problem when requesting leaves of the “not assigned” Node

  • SAP Note: 2962852 Information published on SAP sitedesc: InA: Automatic variable submit for data requests - Part I

    SAP Note: 3062567 Information published on SAP sitedesc: InA: Automatic variable submit for data requests - Part II

    SAP Note: 3066189 Information published on SAP sitedesc: InA: Automatic variable submit for data requests - Part III

    SAP Note: 3080911 Information published on SAP sitedesc: InA: Automatic variable submit for data requests - Part IV – enable

    SAP Note: 3083600 Information published on SAP sitedesc: InA: Automatic variable submit for data requests - Part V

Browser Support

Optimized View Mode is supported with all SAP Analytics Cloud supported browser types. For more information, see System Requirements and Technical Prerequisites.

Features that are Now Supported
Chart / Table:
  • Select Currencies in Charts (SAP BW data sources)

Backwards Compatibility

Stories that have Optimized View Mode enabled will work with future versions of SAP Analytics Cloud. However, in order to use updated or changed functionality, you will need to re-save your stories.


If you're unable to access your optimized view mode story, then add &optimized=false at the end of your URL.

Normal URL:


URL with optimized flag set to false:


Unsupported Areas and Applications

Optimized view mode is not yet available for the following areas or applications.

  • Analytic Application

  • Digital Boardroom

  • Switching to Edit mode in SAP Analytics Cloud Stories

  • OEM (Embedded SAP Analytics Cloud)

  • Data Analyzer

  • Data Warehouse Cloud

  • Mobile / Android (WebView)

  • Search to Insight (Global Search)

Unsupported Model Types

If your story contains any of the following model types, you won't be able to use optimized view mode.

  • Planning-enabled model (classic account model)

  • New Models (model with measures, or model with measures and an account dimension)

  • BPC Live model

  • Live Universe

  • Data Warehouse models

  • Unauthorized Data Models

Features and Situations that Block Optimized View Mode

In some situations, you won't be able to save the story with optimized view mode enabled.

  • The story uses the following unsupported story filters:

    • Measure-based filter

    • Filters with Single Value Slider (for example, time ranges)

    • Partial range filter

  • Regular/classic table: only tables where the story designer has enabled Optimized Presentation in the Builder panel are supported

  • Section widget (on a Canvas page)

  • Smart Discovery widgets

  • Grid Pages

  • BW features:
    • Linked Analysis that does not have Complex filter capability.

      To use Linked Analysis, you need to upgrade to a version of BW that supports complex filter capabilities, such as SAP BW 7.5 SP16.

    • Individual Hierarchy Node Selection in Input Controls

Features in a Story that Show a Ghost Widget

The following features are not yet supported in optimized view mode. Any charts, tables, or other widgets that contain these items will display a ghost widget instead, along with a message listing the unsupported features. (A ghost widget is a grayed out version of the widget.)

  • Blended Visualizations and Calculations

  • Calculations:

    • Invalid calculations or calculations with an unsupported Calculation Input Control

    • Measure Based Calculated Dimension with Story and Page Filters

  • Visualizations:

    • Dynamic Image

    • Time Series (with timestamp dimension)

    • Histogram

    • Planning-Related Objects (for example: Data Action, BPC Planning Sequence, and so on)

    • Unbooked Data for Tables

  • Page Filters and Input Controls:

    • Single Value Slider Filter (Time Ranges)

    • Measure Based Page Filter

    • Partial Range Filter

    • Static Calculation Input Controls

    • Cross Calculation Input Controls

    • Geographical Distance Input Control

    • Invalid or Unused Calculation Input Controls

  • Dynamic Text:

    • Dynamic text for Optimized Presentation Table (Local Filters and Variables)

    • Dynamic text in Responsive headers

    • Dynamic text based on a team

  • Measures with Required Dimensions

  • Geo Visualizations:
    • Choropleth Layer with BW data models

    • Location dimension with area enrichment

  • Rank by Single Dimension

Features that are Not Yet Supported in Optimized View Mode

The following features are not yet supported in optimized view mode.

  • Story Level Functionality:

    • View Time Undo / Redo with Optimized Presentation table or R-Widget within a Story

    • Export

      • PDF Export (Manual PDF Export and Batch Export)

      • Background Export

      • Export to Google Slides

      • Export to PowerPoint

      • Export (Report pages)

    • Story Model Information Refresh

    • Story Reset

    • View Time Bookmarks (Optimized Presentation Table)

    • Edit and Creation of Bookmarks

    • Progressive Chart Rendering

    • Story Save As

    • Controls Panel

    • Schedule and Publishing

    • Story to Story Hyperlink with Filter Context

  • Linked Analysis Workflows:

    • Optimized Presentation Table (Table to Control measures)

    • All Widgets in Story

  • Story Filters:

    • Creation of Dynamic Time Range Story Filters

    • Creation of Complex (advanced) Filters in View Mode

  • Visualization Features:

    • Export to CSV (for charts)

    • Variance Compare To

    • Pin to Home

    • Commenting (Object and Data Point)

    • Inconsistent Color Palette between Edit and View Mode

    • Hyperlink Support for Chart Title and Footer

    • Inconsistent Rank for Tie-Breaking Dimension Members between Edit and View Mode

  • Table Features:

    • Filter Reset

    • Chart Scaling of In-Cell Charts

    • In-Cell Chart Threshold Tooltip

  • BW Features:

    • Variable Types with Calculation Input Controls

    • Single Select Member Selector

    • Smart Queries / Query Merge

    • Filtering Across Models

      • Links on BW Open Ended Time Ranges

      • BW Time Links (Flat – Hierarchy)

      • BW Time Links (Hierarchy – Hierarchy)

      • Dimension Links with Link to a Matching Hierarchy

Planning Features

Optimized view mode doesn't yet support planning features (for example, Data Actions, Data Point Commenting, Commenting Widget, and so on).

Predictive Features

Optimized view mode doesn't yet support the following predictive features.

  • Search to Insight (Natural Language Query)
    • In-session search history is not maintained

    • Synonym entities are not renamed in the search results

    • BW – Prompt Values are read only

    • Currency Conversion

    • Copy Chart to Optimized Story

    • Timestamp dimension

    • Existing Optimized View mode limitations

    • BW Static Filters

  • Smart Grouping

  • Smart Insights

  • Smart Discovery

  • Time Series Forecasting